Wardrobe must-haves for any man

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There are certain things that every man should have in their wardrobe.

Do you struggle with knowing what basics to invest in and what trends to steer away from? The following guide will help advise you on what pieces you should make sure to have in your wardrobe. Having these versatile items will stand you in good stead for both formal and casual occasions, regardless of whether you are required to be suited and booted every day, or only dress up for special events.

These items can align with your personal taste and act as the foundations for any outfit. You can then build on these outfits by adding your own personal spin on things.


Denim is a key part of any wardrobe. Ideal for dressing up or down, a solid pair of denim jeans can become a real staple. Finding your perfect jeans can be a lengthy process but is worth preserving with. Opt for denim that isn’t too stiff, so that you can still be comfortable. The fit entirely depends on your preference; if you intend to wear denim in more formal settings then a slimmer fit and darker denim is more appropriate than a lighter and baggier style.

Once you have found a pair of jeans you like, it can be worth investing in different shades or fits from the same brand. Test the longevity of one pair before buying more to ensure the quality is good enough.


There is no arguing that most outfits can be based around a plain black or white t-shirt. Anyone who has watched ‘The Bear’ will know the importance of a crisp white t-shirt, creating a timeless look no matter the circumstances. Look for something high-quality that is going to wash well over time, retaining both its shape and colour.

The same can also be said for shirts. Your collection doesn’t need to be extensive, but it does need to be classic. Consider what colours will complement the other items in your wardrobe and go from there.

Finally, a good way to insert some luxury into your wardrobe is with the inclusion of a cashmere jumper. Great for seeing you through winter every year, a cashmere jumper pairs well over both shirts and t-shirts and is smart enough to be worn to more formal events too.


Accessories cannot be overlooked when building your wardrobe. While focusing on basics for your clothing staples, having a good selection of accessories adds personality and style into an otherwise pretty simple outfit.

A watch is a must-have and can add character to any outfit regardless of the occasion. Purchasing a luxurious, Swiss-made watch is an investment that is sure to stand the test of time both in terms of lasting power and trend changes over the years.

As well as a watch, accessories including cufflinks, tie pins and pocket squares should definitely be part of your wardrobe if you wear a suit often. These help to make a look more individual and can even act as conversation starters.

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