The Best Eyebrows for a Square Face


Having impeccably groomed eyebrows can help frame the face perfectly; the eyebrows are one of the most important features of a person’s face, yet often it’s an oft-overlooked detail.


If you have a square face, eyebrows that are too thin or too wide can ruin your look and create an imbalance in your face shape. Thankfully, there are ways to create eyebrows that perfectly complete your look! We’ll take you through four of the best eyebrows for a square face, so you can rock a dynamic style and feel great in portraits or selfies.


But first:

How Can You Identify a Square Face?

Identifying a square face is quite easy. It usually has an angular jaw with the same width at both the forehead and chin, creating a sharp jaw line that appears more prominent than other faces. This jaw line typically leads to a pointed chin, while the forehead is often wide and high. Subtle elements of facial contouring help create these defining characteristics and transition gracefully around the face. With a keen eye, recognizing square-shaped faces should never prove too difficult!

What is the Best Eyebrow Shape for a Square Face

A square face has a strong jawline, so picking the right eyebrow shape is important to balance that feature and elongate your face. The best eyebrow shape for a square face is one that is angular, thick, and well-defined. This will help create a balance between the hard lines of your jaw and soften the overall effect.

If you’d like to take a subtler approach and soften the overall look of your jawline, you can opt for an eyebrow with a softer curve rather than sharp angles. Choosing an eyebrow shape that complements your strong facial features will work wonders in helping you achieve a beautiful look.


Here are four angular brow patterns perfect for a square-shaped face;

Soft Angled

For those with a square face shape, the soft angled eyebrow shape is the one to go for! With its soft and subtle curves and peaks, it will help create a balanced and more symmetrical look. It can be tailored to your taste – with low, medium and high arches. Going for the high arched option will give an extra oomph to your look while creating a more defined and slimmed face shape. So if consistency in style is what you are looking for, this is definitely something to consider.

Hard Angled Brow

The hard angled eyebrow shape is a bold move to make and can be incredibly striking for those with heart or square faces. Not only does it add character to your overall look, but this edgy cut can even make your face appear more youthful and lively. For those with short faces, you don’t have to stay away from this trend either – the angular shape makes a face look longer than it actually is.

To get that perfect angled brow shape, make sure to lightly curve at the top and gently angle them down towards the corners of the eyebrows to create dimension in your look. 

The catch? It may be too strong for some people’s tastes, making them appear harsh instead of youthfully cool. Be sure to know what kind of vibe you’re trying to convey before going for the dramatic angle!

Soft Angled Eyebrow Shape

Having a soft angled shape for a square shaped face is the perfect way to up your game. This eye brow shape adds more elegance and femininity to your look, creating an amazing overall transformation.

The angles are nicely rounded, so it does not appear as prominent as some other styles but still gives your eyebrows a defined yet gentle look. You can select from low, medium or high arches depending on your desired effect, and choose thick or thin lines to further personalize the outcome. For those looking for a dramatic statement, high-angled brow shapes are sure to make heads turn!

Curved Angle Eyebrow Shape

The unique curved eyebrow shape, often referred to as an S shaped design, is a stunning way to accentuate a square shaped face. This concept, inspired by both curves and angles, begins with a slight arch before the end of the brow angle softly rounds out. The beautiful final effect is that of an ‘S’, lending this gorgeous look its alternative name!

Wondering how to achieve the s-shaped eyebrow?

Start by keeping your eyebrows straight across the bridge of your nose, then create a slight curve as they move away from your nose towards the end of your brow. There should be a gradual but subtle transition from straight to soft lines, giving you that perfect S-brow for any square-shaped face. The key is not to overdo it so that your brows achieve that effortless look.

Square-Faced Celebrities for the Best Eyebrows Inspiration

Jessica Simpson, Angeline Jolie and Paris Hilton have some of the most iconic eyebrows for those who are looking for inspiration. Jessica is known for her high, soft angled look, which elongates her face and creates a long, slim appearance. Angelina also follows suit with a soft angle framed around her brows to create length and slenderness within her face. But Paris takes things one step further by pairing her soft arching shape with extra-thick, natural lines that exude confidence and style. All three celebrities can provide us with endless inspiration when creating amazing brow shapes for a square-shaped face.

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