A Right Royal Onesie with the All in One Company

Celebrate the birth of our future king or queen by designing your own commemorative royal all-in-one for your own little prince or princess! Fit for royalty, these baby all-in-ones from The All-in-One Company are lovingly handmade, super cuddly and so cute.

Go online to design your own all-in-one masterpiece for your bundle of joy and see baby’s adorable all-in-one come to life on screen using The All-in-One Company’s unique online all-in-one builder. Mix and match soft and cuddly fabrics in a range of gorgeous colours and patterns – you can even choose a Union Jack print for a real royal patriotic touch! Add some super cute animal ears, mittens and feet to keep little hands and toes toasty. Personalise with embroidery for that extra special touch – such as ‘Princess Kate’ or ‘Prince William!’ All-in-ones are available in sizes for newborns and up.


As an extra special commemorative gift, The All-in-One Company even make cuddly teddy bears in their own royal all-in-ones – making baby’s first teddy extra unique. Each all-in-one from The All-in-One Company is unique and lovingly handmade in Northumberland – right here in the UK – to the highest of royal standards!

To order your little one’s all-in-one visit: www.the-all-in-one-company.co.uk

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  1. says: Mr Farnworth

    What a fantastic company the All In One Company is. Until they take your money!
    I recently rang them to discuss a onesie for my Grandson. I rang them before placing the order because the size options on the online order form did not match his size.
    He is a small 7 year old but the only size options on the order are 5/6 years or 7/8 years.
    So I rang and was greeted by an ever so friendly lady who, it seemed, couldn’t do enough to help me. I explained my predicament to her.
    ‘That’s not a problem, just order the 7/8 year old size and then pop a note in the box on the order explaining that he is small and we will take care of everything.’ She said.
    It is worth noting at this point that she never once asked me his actual size, nor did she mention that there is a page buried in the website that gives a size guide for their products, a weapon I was to be beaten with later in this nightmare.
    So, full of hope I placed my order and a few days later it arrived. Hope and excitement soon dissolved into despair and disbelief as I held this onesie up and realised that it was almost big enough for me to wear.
    I emailed immediately and expressed my concern at how huge it was. She replied:
    ‘Thanks for your email. We do get a lot of people say that they look huge. I suggest he tries it on first, then let me know if there are any further problems. If it is too large, you can return it to us and we will take it down a size for you.’
    However, a simpleton could have guessed that this onesie was far, far too big for a small 7 year old.
    So I wrapped it and on his birthday I apologised to him before he opened it and explained that he could only look at it and then I would have to take it away.
    Not the best way to give your Grandson his birthday present.
    As it goes it was a good fit for his 10 year old cousin.
    The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health website gives the average height for a 7 year old boy as 125cm.
    That is head to toe. Take off 20cm for the head and that gives a shoulder to ground height of around 105cm.
    The onesie they sent me measured 145cm shoulder to ground.
    Remember, this is for an AVERAGE 7 year old. I had asked for a onesie to fit a SMALL 7 year old.
    The onesie they sent me was 40cm too long for an AVERAGE child!
    So now I was entering the All In One Company rabbit hole. Welcome to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!
    You pay £50 for a product
    You can’t return it because it is a ‘custom order’
    They will not alter it for you unless you pay them £15 more, regardless of the fact that they have created something that is not fit for purpose. (At least for another 3 years anyway)
    I tried to reason with them but the bend over backwards to help you attitude had suddenly been replaced by a no pay no way attitude. They could not imagine for a minute that they had done anything wrong.
    I was now met with a wall of glib answers, much like other poor reviews of this company have been met with and I fully expect this review to be met with the same..
    ‘We encourage you to check our size charts’ Not when I spoke to you before placing my order and explained the situation you didn’t!!
    They are happy in the knowledge that you have no consumer rights under the distance selling regulations when you order a ‘custom order’ item.
    To rub salt into the wound it took them two weeks to do this alteration even though they knew it was a birthday present for a 7 year old. As I said at the beginning they are a very caring company until they get your money.
    And the final product? He loves it. He doesn’t seem to notice that the neck hole is big enough for Mike Tyson, bless him.
    I am £15 worse off and seething that I ever entered into a transaction with the All In One Company.