Five ways to make sure your hair looks good for video calls

Just because you’re working at home that doesn’t mean you can’t have great hair days. If you’re virtually meeting others regularly via video calls, you want to make sure you’re looking great and feeling confident with your hair. The secrets to creating that look are right here.

Easy-going and judgement-free, Live True London are an award-winning independent group of hair and beauty salons. Here, you’ll find 5 ways to make sure your hair looks good for video calls.

1. It all starts with the dry – after you’ve shampooed your hair and conditioned it, don’t neglect the blow dry. When you’re at home and not in a rush it can be easy to just let it dry naturally, but the foundation to great looking hair is a great blow dry. Section and dry as normal.

2. Use heat protection – make sure to use a great heat protecting spray before you style with high-heat tools – whether that’s with a blow dry or using straighteners. Protect your hair and you won’t suffer split ends and dry, undernourished locks.

3. Check the look – take a look on your video cam before you go live to make sure your hair is looking good on this platform. Different angles and camera qualities can change your appearance so make sure you’re happy before you hit the ‘Start’ button.

4. Experiment – you’re stuck at home, so there’s never been a better time to try new styles out. You’ve got your styling products so go for it! Make sure that you don’t leave it minutes before your video call, but instead take time to perfect a new look so you’re happy with it and can wear it with confidence.

5. Do a mini-DIY if you’re (super) confident – taking the scissors to your locks should only be done if you’ve got the right equipment and you’re confident you know what you’re doing. Kitchen scissors are not going to give you a good cut so only use your professional cutters to trim split ends.

ABOUT LIVE TRUE LONDON – The easy going and care free hair salon where judgments and prejudice are banned. No matter the hair style or colour you’re yearning for, the team at Live True London are dedicated to making all their clients happy. In their Vauxhall branch, Live True London also offers an in house beauty salon . Offering a range of professional treatments and bespoke services executed by top beauty therapists. Clients swinging by this branch will come out being revitalised in hair, face, body, and nails . After care advice is also provided so that Live True London’s services don’t end once you leave the salon floor.

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