Review: Kärcher eco!Booster

Kärcher eco!Booster Jet

The UK weather finally seems to be picking up. Attention moves to those long neglected outdoor areas. Parties, building gazebos and pressure washing the furniture before the relatives pop round.

We seem to be getting more rain these days. Climate change is making our rainfall frequent and intense. Which is where a great new device from Kärcher comes in; the eco!Booster

The eco!Booster is a new attachment. Easy to install and works with your existing K4, K5 and K7 Kärcher pressure washer. The device comes with the eco!Booster head and lance which fits in the traditional way to your unit.

Kärcher eco!Booster Jet


The wide angle of the head gives great coverage of the cleaning area. This means you are cleaning for less time, which has a benefit for electricity usage. Kärcher says there is a 50% improvement in area performance vs a traditional flat jet.

Because you are cleaning a larger area in a quicker time, you are saving not only energy, but also water and time. A massive win in our books, but how is it at cleaning?

We tried the Kärcher eco!Booster in a variety of scenarios; fencing, patio furniture, paving and the car. In every test we threw at it, the eco!Booster did a fantastic job. The head design making the cleaning so much faster than usual. The eco!Booster is great for delicate areas. The facade on my property was especially easy to clean.

Kärcher eco!Booster Jet


If you want to get that Kärcher quality clean, but want to use less water, energy and time, it is a real no brainer. Check out the Kärcher eco!Booster (£44.99) over at the Kärcher store.

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