How to create your perfect shed

If you’re currently living life without a garden shed and are in need of some helpful hints to rectify this, you’ve hit the jackpot because FourWalls have come armed with all you need to know. From style, location and colour, to purpose, size and power, there is lots to consider before plonking your new shed in your backyard.

Pick your purpose
Once you’ve decided what your shed will be used for, all of the other elements will be much easier to figure out. So ask yourself, ‘what do I want the shed for?’ Whether it’s to store tools, house unused garden furniture, potting plants, reading books or taking naps, there’s no right or wrong answer.

Suitable style and size
The style of your shed will depend entirely on your own personal preferences and what you feel will fit in best with your backyard surroundings. Garden sheds have progressed to a point where style has no boundaries nowadays. Whether it’s glass, plastic, metal or timber, there’s a wide choice of materials to choose from too. Another point to consider is how many, if any, windows you require, and how waterproof and insulated it needs to be.
Then there’s size. You probably won’t want a shed so big that it intrudes too much on your garden space, but one that’s too small to move around in won’t be much use either. For a happy medium, think outside of the box to come up with ways to make best use of the space. If your shed will be used for tools, why not hang equipment on the walls instead of cluttering-up the floor space?

Location, location, location
This links in closely with the purpose of your shed. For example, if you’re planning to use it to store garden furniture, it would make sense to position it close to your patio or decking area so that you’re not trapesing from one end of the garden to the other carrying heavy gear. If it’s going to be used as a relaxation retreat, you’ll want to place it as far away from hustle and bustle of neighbouring properties and road racket as possible.

Exploit the exterior
Nowadays, when done right, sheds can become a striking garden feature. If you want your hut to be the talk of the street, there’s lots you can do to get it noticed – a fresh lick of paint, hanging baskets full of beautiful blooms, a pretty plaque or a magical mural are just a few.

Pump up the power
Again, this will tie in with the intended use of your shed. If you’re using it to stow away tools, it’s unlikely you’ll need access to power, but if you’re using your shed to kick back and relax then you might want to connect a TV or radio to the power supply. If this is the case, to make life easier, you’ll ideally want to run a power supply to your shed. You should ask a qualified electrician to do this for you.

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