8 Stylish Easter Home Decor Hacks

Easter’s just around the corner. If you’re looking to spruce up your Easter home decor without going festive crazy, then you’re in the right place. We’ve gathered eight ingenious ideas that’ll give your home subtle touches of Easter, while staying on trend long after the annual chocolate frenzy ends.


1. Floral cushions – For a quick, simple and fairly cost effective way to seasonalise your sofa, you could invest in a few floral cushions. The beauty of this option is the variety. Whether you want in-your-face florals or subtle patterns, large or small, light or dark, if you shop around there are plenty of options out there to fit every sofa style. Take a look at wilko.com for some options!


2. Fresh flowers – The first flowers that spring (no pun intended!) to mind are daffodils, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to tradition. A bunch of fresh flowers – regardless of the type – go a long way to injecting a seasonal feel into the home. Instead of a standard vase, why not plant them in a bucket or watering can? Both are trendy options that’ll give your blooms the perfect platform to shine. Marks & Spencer have some fab options!


3. Throw out your throw – Switching back to the sofa, another option could be to invest in a new, pastel throw. Pastel colours ooze Easter and can make a real difference to the tone of your sofa and lounge area. TK Maxx have some beautiful throws!

4. Jazz up your outdoor furniture – Granted, nothing is a given when it comes to British weather, but one can only hope that the arrival of Easter brings better weather along with it. Sticking with the pastel theme, why not extend the trend to your outdoor furniture? Whether you’re buying a new set or upcycling what you’ve already got, jazzing up your outdoor furniture with a pastel (or any colour!) palette can add character and a focus-grabbing feature point to your garden. You can find some great buys at Wilko.com

5. The tree of longevity – This option is great because it can be interchangeable to tie in with all the seasons and festivities. For Easter specifically, you could drape eggs throughout the branches. Once the festivities are over, something more stripped back, like birds or flowers, could be featured instead.

spring flowers

6. Bring blooms into your bedroom – So far we’ve focused on the outdoor and living areas, so let’s turn our attention to the bedroom. Similar to the sofa, a small shift in bed linen can make a real difference to your bedroom. Whether you kip in a single, double or kingsize, your bed takes up a size-able chunk of the room, so it makes sense to seasonalise the sheets that cover it.

7. Let spring inspire your bathroom – Given not as much time is spent in the bathroom, you might not be wanting to invest as much effort and money in to this room, but we didn’t want to abandon it altogether. If you’re after a small alteration to keep your bathroom in keeping with the rest of your Easter-inspired home, you could update your bath mat to something a little more vibrant.

8. Kick out some kitchenware – Last but not least; the kitchen. The possibilities with this one are pretty endless, but the morale of the story is that they all require colour. It’d be quite costly to go the whole hog and refresh them all, but simply renewing your mugs, plates or place mats with something a bit more gleeful might make your morning cuppa that bit brighter. You can find some pretty spring homeware essentials here.

Disclaimer: please note that unless otherwise stated some items featured have been provided on a review basis and affiliate links are present.

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