All You Need to Know for Getting Your Home Ready for Autumn

The arrival of a new season always brings about change, but one of the most notable changes is the move from summer to autumn. Autumn can be a lovely time of the year but it can also be cold, wet and windy which is a big change from the sunshine that can be enjoyed right up to the end of summer. This means that you need to make sure that your home is ready for the autumn months – read on to find how you can do this.


Boiler Servicing

It is a good idea to get the boiler serviced at the start of autumn so that you know that it will be in tip-top condition once the temperature drops and see you through winter. You certainly won’t want to be without central heating in the middle of winter so now is a great time to get the boiler serviced.


Check the Roof & Clear the Gutters

The extreme conditions in autumn and winter can take its toll so you need to make sure that the roof has no damage or missing tiles before the weather turns as this is your shelter. Additionally, you will want to clear the gutters regularly throughout autumn to stop a build up of debris which can lead to water damage.


Trim Back Hedges & Trees

Leading on from this, you should also trim back any hedges or trees as this can stop damage from occurring to the property as well as make your garden easier to manage during the colder months of the year. Places like SGS carry a wide range of chainsaws that will be up to the task.


Chimney Inspection & Cleaning

Having a roaring fire is one of the best things about autumn and winter when the temperature drops, but you need to get the chimney inspected and cleaned before you start a fire. This is so that it works as it should and you avoid carbon monoxide coming back into the home.



You will want the home to be properly insulated in autumn and winter so that you can keep the warmth in and the cold air out so you should check your insulation at the start of autumn and add further insulation if you have a problem with keeping the home warm. In addition to helping the house to stay warm, this can also be effective for reducing your energy bill and environmental impact.


Autumn is a lovely time of the year with many things to look forward to, but it also brings the beginning of the bad weather and shorter days so it is important that you get your home ready for the autumn and winter months. The above tips will prepare your home and ensure that you can stay warm and cosy when the temperature starts to drop.

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