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Victorian house renovation

Usually, changes in home decor are much like changes in fashion. There is no real reason why they must change. There may be a new fabric that we want to incorporate into our wardrobe but mostly, the styles change for fun.

We like new looks, new cuts, and new colors. It is the same with our homes. Our homes may be perfectly fine, but we want to change them because we want to keep up with the modern look of the day. However, in 2021 and going into 2022 that is not exactly the case. People have been changing their home decor out of necessity.

In 2021, a vast number of families were told to stay in their homes indefinitely. But, we realized, we had never set up our homes in such a way that children and adults could access computers and have space to study/work for hours each day. We have homes which are set up for downtime. That is what we have at home, down-time. We soon knew we needed more space.

Victorian house renovation

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Advice from an interior designer

We didn’t want to turn our home into an office or a classroom. So we began looking for some tips on how to open up space, create a chic environment while leaving everyone feeling like they were still at home. We found several articles featuring tips from light Kimberly Duran, Freelance Interior Design Blog Writer and owner of Swoon Worthy. Ms. Duran has contributed to several posts for online casino industry giant, Lottoland. On the Lottoland website, they provide tons of different advices to their clients and answer questions like how to invest their money, how to decorate their homes like a person of wealth, how to dress with dignity, and where the best places to vacation are.

Kimberly Duran advises her clients to keep things fresh and light. Do not overload a space. Keep it clean and open. This is what her style has in common with the feel of the day, our homes are now homes, offices, parks, and schools. We need open areas, clean spaces, and wealthy people can pull that off with class.

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Clean-up and Toss it out

The first step is to get rid of everything that is not needed. Here are some tips on items that should be destroyed or donated:

  • Anything that has not been used with the exception of holiday decorations.
  • Holiday decorations that are faded or damaged
  • Toys or books that are no longer used.
  • Games or cards with missing pieces
  • Clothes that are out of style or no longer fit.
  • Clothes that do not fit and are not expected to fit anyone in the family by the next season
  • Clothes that need to be repaired but are out of style.
  • Excess, plastic, or chipped dishes
  • Worn out furniture (even if you could refinish it but haven’t)
  • Old bedding, rugs, and drapes
  • Bikes, scooters, skates, ball game equipment that are no longer useful due to damage or size.
  • Old, slow, computer equipment, televisions, radios, boom boxes, and head phones.

You may donate these items to a Goodwill or Salvation Army, or Children’s home, or you can give the items for kids to a group home for kids and the rest can be thrown away. Now, give

your home a good cleaning and paint the walls if they need it (and they probably do need it).


Your New Look

The space in your home is open and airy. Resist the urge to let it fill up. If you want to add anything, look up. Use your walls and lighting to give your home depth and design. Stay with natural colors. Kimberly loves to play with adding soft colors and lights. This room has plenty of room for dad to play with the kids, while mom finishes her reports for work. Clean-up is a breeze.

Add extra space in the bedrooms by adding fold-out chairs that are built into the walls. A matching tray can fold-down next to the chair for an instant homework station. Paint the seat and tabletop primary colors and you have an adorable workstation. Murphy beds in your guests rooms allow you to use the rooms for living all year and still entertain guests if they should arrive. It is not about giving up space. It is about using it smarter.

Built-in track lighting, mini shelves for plants in the kitchen, and hide-away drawers in the corners for spices are all handy little ideas that you can fancy up with brass or crystal pulls and keep your home user-friendly. That is the new style of 2022! We have a feeling this style is going to be around long after everything has returned to normal. It is just so easy and comfortable.

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