Five fabulous unique vases for your flowers

There’s nothing wrong with the bog-standard vase. But if you’re looking to spice up your indoor plant pots then you’ve hit the jackpot, because the team over at FourWalls have done the hard work for you.

From construction items and fashionwear to household products and reading materials, daring and different solutions to your current flower vases come in all forms. Check out some of our favourite finds…

1. Be a pioneer with PVC pipes
Have you ever looked at your exterior piping and wondered how it’d handle a bunch of flowers? No, us neither. Turns out the result is rather trendy, though!

pipe vase

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2. Stylish shoe stand
Instead of chucking that old pair of scuffed heels in the bin, have a stab at re-purposing them as a shabby chic flower stand.

shoe vase

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3. Light it up

We love this minimalist but marvellous idea of recycling an old light bulb as a vase. To add a bit of colour but keep it uncluttered, you could place a single daisy or rose in, instead.

lightbulb vase

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4. Brilliant book base
Build a bold base for your blooms with a stack of unwanted books or magazines. Worried about your pages getting watermarked? Fear not; all you need to do is cut a hole through the sheets and protect them by inserting a waterproof bag or container in the centre.

book vase

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5. Edible goodness
We can’t guarantee you’ll want to munch on the chocolate afterwards, so if you’re a chocaholic, this one might not be for you!


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If you have any interesting ideas or examples of alternative vases, why not share them on our Facebook or Twitter pages?

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