Picking your perfect mini indoor garden

Mini indoor gardens – they come in various shapes, sizes and styles. But where do we start when making our own? This will depend entirely on your personal preference, interior design flair and how much space you have available for your miniature floral oasis. To help you on your journey, the team over on FourWalls have trowelled the web to serve-up a flavour of the different botanical variations out there to give you an inspirational nudge.

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1. Floating bubbles 2. Tiered jam jars 3. Fairy garden 4. Portable herb garden 5. Miniature fridge magnets 6. Mini condiment gardens 7. Hanging planters 8. Cactus crowd.

1. Floating bubbles
These could work well as a backdrop against an open wall or as a feature piece in your window. There’s umpteen ways you can personalise this style to your own preferences too. From the number, size and shape of the containers to the placement, flowers and string colour – the possibilities are endless.

2. Tiered jam jars
Recycle your old jam jars and finance the base of your miniature garden for free with this simple and sweet design. Sand, pebbles, mud, colourful granite, flowers, cacti… you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to this concept!

3. Fairy garden
Let your creative juices loose with a cute fairy garden. This model really is open to interpretation and the scope for filler items is vast. Pebbled paths, ponds, benches, tables, herb plots, flower beds, archways, bridges, fences, fountains, steps, birdhouses… it’s a boundless plot.

4. Portable herb garden
Set-up a transportable herb garden and save some pennies at the supermarket while you’re at it. Some of the best herbs to grow indoors are basil, bay, chives, oregano, chervil, parsley, rosemary and sage. Having herbs-on-wheels will come in handy if you want to roll them around to catch the sunny spots, too.

5. Miniature fridge magnets
If you want just a subtle hint of greenery, then this could be the route for you. An assortment of colourful magnetic pots will add a little life onto your fridge in no time, making an otherwise dull utility a board for botanical artwork.

6. Mini condiment gardens
Grow your own tiny table top terrariums using salt and paper shakers for a quirky and quaint spin on indoor gardens. The slight size of the containers makes it an ideal accessory for multiple places, like a dining table centrepiece, shelf space filler or windowsill décor.

7. Hanging planters
Struggling for surface space? Not a problem, these hanging planters are a space-efficient alternative.

8. Cactus crowd
If you’re easing your way into your first mini indoor garden, cacti are a great low-maintenance stepping stone. A cluster of multi-levelled varieties can form a stunning focus point in any room of your home, and there’s lots of charming types to choose from too – some of the most popular include pincushion, beaver-tail, ball, cereus tetragonus and gymnocalycium cactus.

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