Essential gadgets for optimising your office at home

Whatever industry you work in, you’ll rely on good equipment to help you reach your full potential. This could be a good tool for construction workers or a great laptop for those working in IT. Without them, we will struggle to complete basic tasks which is bad for business and our own personal development too.

In the post-coronavirus era we live in, the way the working world works has changed. One of the biggest changes is the approach to where we work. Many people have since returned to working in an office, some work from home and the most popular option is hybrid working which is a blend of working from home and your usual place of work. In February 2022, 42% of the UK workforce reported that they planned on having a hybrid work schedule.

If you’re one of these people then you’ll be looking for the best gadgets to make your transition from working in an office to at home seamless. Here are our essential gadgets for optimising hybrid working.

HDMI cable

If you plug your laptop into a monitor at home then you’ll need a HDMI cable to do so. Having your own is also great for taking it into the office, so you can quickly plug it into the office monitors and get on with your work.

Wireless mouse

There’s nothing worse than having to use a trackpad to complete your work and a wireless mouse is a great solution to this issue. This should make completing tasks on your computer more efficient and it’s small, so should fit in your bag easily when you travel to and from the office.

If you do plan on using a wireless mouse, however, ensure you have enough AA batteries like the ones sold at RS Components. This will ensure you can keep it powered at all times.

USB sticks

USB sticks are essential in the digital world we live in. Computers can break and files can become corrupted very easily, so having a USB stick will ensure you can back up your files. Choose one with huge storage capabilities and make sure you save everything you do on it.

Laptop elevator

There are many benefits to using laptop raisers with one of the most important being the prevention of upper back and neck injuries. These are usually compact and lightweight too, so you can take them into the office with you and maintain the same level of support.

As you can see there is a wide range of gadgets to choose from for optimising the way you work both at home and in the office. With Christmas looming, these may just be the ideal present for your friends and family.

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