Kate Lawler Reveals Her Top 10 Health and Beauty Tips

Virgin Radio presenter Kate Lawler has always been loved for her uplifting personality and her infectious humour, which propelled her to the top of the very first Big Brother and won her a slot on the re-launched Virgin Radio earlier this year. However, she is also known for having a passion for exercise and a fresh-faced glow, giving her the body and look that most of us can only dream about in the summer months.

To help us on our journey to feeling great this summer, Kate Lawler has shared her top ten health and beauty tips, including the magic of coconut oil as a foot cream and how she uses fresh lemon to get a glow:

1. Exercise for me is crucial to remain fit and healthy. I’m guilty of pigging out and because I sometimes binge on junk food, I make sure I go to the gym at least once a week and do at least 60 minutes of power walking every day. Luckily I have a dog which gives me an excuse to walk. I’d much rather exercise and eat what I want than sit around eating salad.

2. To get a good glow I cut a lemon in half and rub the inside of it all over my face first thing in the morning, and leave for 10 minutes. It tingles, but it definitely puts colour into my cheeks!

3. Ensuring a good night’s sleep is really important – I probably need between six and seven hours a night to feel refreshed, but when it comes to sleep everyone is different. I know I’m getting enough as I never have to set an alarm; no matter what time I go to bed I naturally wake up between 7am and 8am.

4. Coconut oil is amazing stuff – I use it as a moisturiser and it works wonders on my feet. It’s also my favourite thing to use as a lip balm.

5. I try and have a facial once a month when I have time. Institute De Beaute in Esher is wonderful. Izzy who owns the salon does reiki as well as a head, neck and shoulder massage and I leave feeling magnificent and revitalised!

6. I also try not to consume alcohol in the week. As I’m getting older it’s becoming harder to resist, but it’s something I like to enjoy at the weekends so I limit drinking to just two nights out of seven.

7. I’m conscious of eating healthily, but I believe that you can have everything in moderation – I don’t like diets that don’t allow you to have carbs or gluten for example. I try and make a juice once a day, I always have vegetables on my plate for dinner and I tend to eat more fish than meat. I also eat little and often, and try not to eat after 8pm.

8. I’ve learnt that drinking at least two litres of water a day will make your skin clearer and also keep hunger at bay. A lot of people think they’re hungry, yet they’re just dehydrated. I’ve never drunk fizzy drinks – only water. All day, every day.

9. My skin breaks out if I don’t take care of it and use oil-free products. Right now I’m using Murad products which I find aren’t too rich and give my skin a really clear and dewy complexion.

10. I exfoliate my skin every morning in the shower and never go to bed without taking make up off using a cleansing facial wash, followed by a serum and oil-free moisturiser.

Kate Lawler presents on Virgin Radio every weekday from 1pm – 4pm

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