Changing Your Perfume with the Seasons

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Did you know you’re supposed to change your perfume throughout the different seasons? Once you’ve found a scent you love, it’s tempting to use it religiously, all year round. However, what you may not realise is that your own scent changes with the seasons. This means, that favourite perfume you love to wear may smell slightly differently as the year goes on. It’s for this reason experts do recommend switching up your perfume at different times of the year. Here, you’ll discover everything you need to know when changing your perfume with the seasons.

Why change your scent?

There’s a couple of reasons you should seriously consider changing your scent throughout the seasons. Firstly, the temperature changes which occur throughout the year do have an impact on your own natural scent. So, you’ll smell differently in summer than you will in winter for example. This means your perfume will develop a different scent as it mixes with your natural odour.
Another reason to change your perfume in the different seasons is because certain scents go much better in winter than they do in summer for example. Winter is all about a heavy, woody and spicy scent, whereas summer is lighter and more floral. A heavier scent would prove to be a little too overpowering in the summer, so switching to a lighter perfume would go much better.

Which scents fit which seasons?

So, when it comes to choosing a new scent for the seasons, what should you typically aim for? Well, you could opt for a discovery set which includes different scents such as the ones offered by Miller Harris. Or, you can follow a few simple guidelines for each season.

In autumn, you’ll want to opt for scents that provide a comforting feel. So, think sensual scents such as ylang-ylang. In winter, you can enjoy the sharp, fresh scent of citrus or comforting spice scents. In spring, perfumes with floral notes such as lilies and peonies are ideal, whereas in summer you’ll love the sexier light fragrances such as fruit-based perfumes and strong floral scents.

Overall, changing your perfume with the seasons is highly recommended. It really helps to perfectly capture the ambience of each season and ensures you always smell your best. If you’re unsure which types of perfumes suit you better, you can take advantage of the free samples you can get in high street stores, or buy sample sizes online.

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