The Most Extravagant Holidays You Can Take

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Are you looking to enjoy a luxurious, extravagant getaway? If so, you’re certainly spoilt for choice. The number of people taking luxurious holidays is increasing year upon year. But what’s the most extravagant holiday you could go on? Below, you’ll discover some of the most extravagant holidays you can take if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford them.

Staying at all of the Aman hotels

Why take a short holiday when you can get away for an entire year? The Aman Group is known for its collection of some of the most incredible hotels in the world. Guests have the opportunity to take up the unique Year at Aman package, allowing them to stay at all 31 of the group’s hotels over the course of a year. This equates to approximately 12 nights at each hotel. The great thing about this extravagant holiday is that you get to visit lots of beautiful places in the world such as Tokyo, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. As you’d expect, the cost of this holiday isn’t for the faint of heart, setting you back around £185,000 per person.

Take a deep-sea dive to witness the Titanic

For adventure lovers, the chance to dive the 30,000ft to witness the Titanic is a must. For £85,000 you’ll head down in a submarine to where the Titanic has settled deep in the ocean. You’ll get to view its once magnificent and now famous grand staircase, along with many other fascinating features. It may not be your average holiday, but it’s a trip you’ll never forget.

Hire your own South Pacific Island

Do you ever dream of getting away on your own private island? Well, if you have a spare £691,110, you can hire your very own island in the South Pacific for a week. You’ll fly by private plane to the luxury Laucala retreat in Fiji. The meat, produce and mineral water supplied is actually grown and produced on the island. So, it’s a great eco-friendly getaway too – perfect for those concerned about the environment.

Can’t afford these extravagant holidays? Don’t worry, you can still experience luxury on a budget. Why not hire your own private jet from a company such as Chapman Freeborn to take you to your next holiday destination? You can sometimes charter private jets for cheaper than a commercial flight if you take advantage of empty leg seats for example.

As you can see, if you have money there’s a lot of amazing holidays you can take. However, whatever your budget, there are always ways to enjoy a little luxury without breaking the bank.

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