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At this time of year,  we find ourselves changing our skincare regime to suit the colder season that is fast approaching. One of the stand-out new skincare launches of the year has without doubt been The Oils of Life range from The Body Shop. Having hit the shelves with a bang, we think it could be well on the way to becoming a cult skincare range.

Why? Well the reason is simple – it does what it promises, and it does it remarkably well. Oils of Life is a range that makes skincare simple, quick and an absolute pleasure for everyone.

The Body Shop have upped their skincare game in a big way and the Oils of Life and Spa of the World products (we’ll get to the latter in a feature next week) are a shining testament to this.

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Oils of Life is making luxury skincare affordable and accessible to all and we love that. You can pop into your local high-street store, grab a few products and within minutes, you’ve got yourself a simple spa like set-up from the comfort of your own home. Using the products together makes it easy to get into a skincare regime that doesn’t require too much hassle or thought. It is perfect for those who have been thinking about paying better attention to their skincare for a while, but weren’t sure where to start.

The routine that we think makes a good all-rounder for daily/evening use is below. You can change up whatever aspects of this routine you like though, the beauty of the Oils of Life range is that they can be used together or alone. It is completely up to you.


Start by cleansing your face as usual with your favourite cleanser. Next, take the Intensely Revitalising Essence Lotion. This unique bi-phase oil [oil and water] formula is the perfect first step after cleansing to prepare and activate your skin for the next steps of the routine. It removes anything that the cleanser may have left behind and leaves skin clean and fresh.


Next, add a few drops of the Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil to the palm of your hand. Place one hand on top of the other (so that your palms are now touching, effectively cupping the oil and warming it. Swipe your hands together so that the oil coats both hands. Gently dab the oil onto your face with your hands, or massage it in for an even more relaxing experience.


Finish by applying the Oils of Life Intensely Invigorating Gel Cream (we like this for daytime use) or the Intensely Revitalising Cream which has a luxuriously soft texture that is perfect for using in the evening.

The whole routine really couldn’t be easier, or more enjoyable – it is a real favourite of ours, and we’ve seen a lot of skincare products! Ideal for all ages and skin types, the Oils of Life range is something that you are going to want to consider investing in as part of your Autumn/Winter skincare this year. Find out more:

Disclaimer: please note that unless otherwise stated some items featured have been provided on a review basis.

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