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As e-commerce has grown significantly in the past decade, it’s unsurprising parcel companies now find themselves delivering a huge range of goods. However, while most of us use parcel delivery services to send personalised gifts and general goods, others opt to send something a little wackier. Here, we’ll look at some of the crazy things you can actually post these days.

Unwrapped inanimate objects

It’s basic knowledge you’re supposed to wrap your goods in plain paper or a cardboard box. However, did you know you can potentially get away with not wrapping your item at all? There’s actually people out there who get together as a group to send inanimate unwrapped objects to one another. Just some of the crazy things sent by post without being wrapped, include a leaf, an apple and a pair of boxer shorts.

Radioactive material

You’d think radioactive material would be pretty difficult to send through the post. After all, it’s supposed to be a highly guarded and monitored industry! However, provided the material isn’t classed as dangerous, it’s totally possible to send small amounts through the post. You may need to double check restrictions however if you’re using a site such as, before you go ahead and place an order!

Baby chicks

Did you know that there’s literally hundreds of thousands of small baby chicks which are sent through the post each year? It may sound cruel, but according to experts the chicks have everything they need to survive the journey. It’s possible for chicks to survive without water or food for a few days after they’ve hatched. This is all thanks to the fact they gain life-saving nutrients from the yolk of the egg, which they eat as they hatch.


Finally, another common crazy item you can send in the mail is a coconut. While it’s generally better not to send one due to their unusual shape and size, there are no rules against sending them to most countries. Again, this is something you’d need to check before going ahead and shipping one. What’s even more remarkable, is that you don’t even need to wrap it up. You can just stick the address onto the coconut itself and it will get where it needs to be.

So, there you have it – just some of the crazy things you likely never knew you could send through the post! It’s strange to think you can send radioactive material easier than you can send alcohol through the mail!

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