4 Health Issues That Will Impact Your Ability To Work

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It’s vital that you look after your health if you want to remain effective in your career and achieve your desired goals. This could include gaining top positions or even simply being considered for fantastic promotions. Certain mental and physical health issues will prevent you from remaining productive and effective in any position. Here are some examples that you should be aware of. 


First, you might be struggling with anxiety. Anxiety can stop you from getting the job you want in the first place. Various studies have found that confident people are far more likely to be hired for different positions and roles. Particularly, if a role involves customer interactions. A lot of people with anxiety will struggle to interact, not because they don’t want to but simply because they can’t. The good news is, if you are on the hunt for a job that doesn’t involve speaking to anyone then these do exist. Seeking treatment for anxiety will put you on the road to recovery and give you the ability to work again in the future. 


Are you struggling to get out of bed to go to work each day? Perhaps you constantly feel exhausted, run-down, or completely devoid of energy. If so, then it’s possible that you are suffering from depression. Depression is often triggered by significant trauma in your past that you have not dealt with. It could also be related to your lifestyle or the people who you interact with. If you are in an abusive relationship you are more likely to suffer from conditions like depression. You may want to speak to a counselor about getting the support that you need. 


Migraines are another issue that can mean it’s difficult to concentrate at work. Severe migraines could also leave you bedridden and taking far too many sick days. Migraines can be caused by stress or there might not be a recognised cause for your migraines. Some people are simply more prone to issues with migraines than others. You may want to start by exploring environmental factors such as the brightness of your computer screen. You could also experiment with different prescribed medications. It often takes a little trial and error to find the migraine medication that works for you.


Physical health issues could also impact your ability to work in the long term. For instance, you could develop RSI. Repetitive strain injury is now the most common injury in offices across America. If you are worried about this, then we recommend that you take regular breaks while working and ensure that you are working with the right posture. You should also speak to your manager about providing ergonomic furniture or technology. Research shows that this can be key to helping people avoid RSI. If you do develop RSI it could stop you from working completely or leave you in constant pain. 

We hope you found this article helpful and that it gave you some insight into health issues that can impact your ability to work. Remember, everyone has their struggles so it is essential you get the right help and support you need. 


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