5 Tips for Planning an Amazing Bachelorette Party

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Bachelorette party planning can be massively overwhelming. Take it from me, who took on planning my own bachelorette party. It was so much work!

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But hey, you probably don’t want to hear about my life story and maybe not even care how I planned my own party, so let’s get down to business: here are five things that will help your bachelorette party not suck as bad as mine might have.

1 . Have Fun Activities At Your Party That Fit Everyone’s Interests

It is just a fact: some girls love doing activities while others just want to lounge at a bar all day. Figure out what type of activities fit your group and try to plan them in advance so everyone can be excited. My maid of honor planned a wine tour for us, and it was the perfect mix of activity and chill time. It was really fun, we got to sample five different wines, and she had snacks waiting for us at each location! It wasn’t an overly strenuous schedule either: we went from winery to winery starting at noon until 5 pm; then we headed back to my hotel room for some champagne and girl talk.

2 . Make A Bachelorette Party Bucket List

This is a great project to do together as a group. Everyone will have different ideas, and that is the point – you want it to be unique to your party! A lot of the suggestions for this list will come from your activities, but sometimes you need an activity idea specifically for certain people who don’t usually play those games.

3 . Get Creative With The Bachelorette Party Attire

If some girls at your party are not used to dressing up, try incorporating little outfits into the activities instead of going bar hopping with a T-shirt on. We went wine tasting in suspenders and cowboy hats! It was hilarious, and we looked super cute doing it (for us). You could also try playing dress-up and taking bachelorette-themed pictures of your friends dressed up in different outfits.

Another fun idea is to get everyone matching shirts that say something about the bride or the party! We made some super cute ones with my name on them, so it felt like we were all wearing a personal gift from me. It was super thoughtful of my maid of honor to think of this, and I appreciated it more than she knows. Again, these ideas are good for those who would rather not go bar-hopping, too: you can still go downtown and look fabulous doing it!

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4 . Make Decorations For Your Hotel Room

A little extra preparation will make your room stand out against every other hotel room the bride has stayed in. It’s a bachelorette party, so why wouldn’t you want to have all the fun possible? Get some colorful balloons and hang them from the ceiling with curling ribbon, get a bunch of streamers and drape them around your bedposts and mirrors, pick up a few fun wall decorations, anything you can think of!

5 . Get Creative With The Bachelorette Party Food & Drinks

This one is simple but vital. If there are food allergies or an aversion to certain foods, don’t make it difficult for everybody involved. Have premade snacks, cut up veggies and fruit with dip, whatever will accommodate everyone’s needs! This should be one of the easiest parts of your party because really, there are no rules. Just have fun with it!

As for drinks, go all out. If you’re at a time in life when you can drink legally, then do it! Make personalized cocktails, buy some crazy alcohol that is not your typical vodka or rum… get wasted together, and have a blast! This is one night where being an adult is okay, so enjoy every minute of it!

So there you have it: my five tips for planning an amazing bachelorette party. I hope these ideas help bring up your morale if things are looking bleak right now or provide fresh inspiration if you’ve already planned everything down to the last detail.

Regardless of if you’re planning an extravagant night out with all the bells and whistles or a quaint, typical bachelorette party, make sure you have fun! At the end of the day, it’s about celebrating your best friend’s last days as a single woman in style – she’ll thank you for it later!

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