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HAPI activity tracker review

This month has been all about making some healthy changes for me. I’m not talking about any major life-altering movements but rather a few simple lifestyle changes here and there to make me feel a little bit better about myself and to boost my fitness and productivity.

There will be another article in this series coming up, with a few of my favourite food swaps and tasty treats that I’ve been trying out, but this particular feature looks at two of the fitness favourites that I’ve tried and loved using over the past few weeks.


HAPI Activity Tracker

First up is the HAPI activity tracker. This is a fab little device that I’ve been trying out this month and one that I’ve found myself becoming a little bit obsessed with! The HAPI activity tracker delivers everything you need to monitor your fitness more closely. Wear this on your wrist throughout the day (and night!) to find out how many steps you’ve taken, how far you’ve walked/ran and to see exactly what your sleeping pattern looks like. For me, sleep is an issue as suffering from autoimmune diseases means that I’m a very light and restless sleeper.


Using this device I could wear it to bed (it is so comfortable that you won’t even notice it on your wrist) then in the morning you’ll be able to check how many minutes of sleep you’ve had, but most importantly for me, it even breaks down the stats to show how many hours of ‘deep sleep’ you’ve managed to get. You can then look at what things you need to change about your night-time routine in order to get a better quality of sleep. Everything is synced to your phone via the simple app and you can keep the data to refer back to at any time.

hapi 1

HAPI is perfect for anyone who wants to keep track of their exercise and fitness levels or to record how far they’ve walked. I’ve been wearing mine most days and it’s surprising how just seeing your distance walked and step count makes you more competitive with yourself! I’ve found I’ve been talking longer walks and doing more each day, just to try and beat my own stats from the previous days/weeks!

hapi 2

Thanks to brand new app, HAPIcoach, you can now go one step further and virtually transform into your very own personal Nutritionist in your pocket. This new app comes free for 12 months when you purchase your HAPI device and provides you with a personal Nutritionist, on hand 24/7, to answer any questions you may have and keep you on the right track to achieving your personal health and wellbeing goals. HAPI Activity Tracker is priced at £99.95 and is available from


Evans Activewear Range

Next up is the fantastic new Evans Active collection, offering comfortable, stylish pieces that work hard for your work out. Dispelling the myth that curvy girls don’t hit the gym, this collection mixes core fabrics that sculpt the body along with softer leisurewear separates to create full looks. A simple colour palette helps define the collection with grey, purple, classic black and flashes of Coral. Soft hoodies and joggers sit with relaxed tees and can be mixed with more structured pieces for easy to wear activewear.

plus sized fitness wear

I am absolutely in love with the design of this range. It is practical, stylish and flattering. The purple accents make for a feminine touch by keeping the rest of the design predominantly black, it makes you feel comfortable and confident when wearing these.

There are also a few other design styles with some casual, loose fitted grey t-shirts, joggers and zip-fronted hoodies which are ideal for when you need to remove layers on a run or in the gym. I can see myself getting so much use from this new range and I’m so grateful to Evans for filling a gap in the sportswear and active wear market for plus sized girls. They’ve done an amazing job at designing a range that ticks all of the boxes in comfort, style and practicality in my opinion and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Available online at now and in store.

Disclaimer: please note that unless otherwise stated some items featured have been provided on a review basis.

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