Fantastic Reusable Cotton Pads From Elements Boutique Spa

reusable cotton pads

For anyone looking to become more eco-friendly and sustainably conscious, these reusable cotton pads from Elements Boutique Spa are a simple and affordable swap that you can make today.  These Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads are a fabulous replacement for single use cotton pads, regularly used to remove make up and thrown in the bin or ending up in waste fill sites.

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While many people are getting on board with the fight against single-use plastic, cotton is often overlooked despite having a significant environmental impact. I’ve made the jump to a bamboo toothbrush so using reusable cotton pads seemed like another simple way to start making small changes.

These pads are soft and gentle on your skin and I love the little pouch that comes with them. You can just pop the whole thing into the wash when you are ready and it saves searching around for the individual pads when your washing comes out of the machine.

reusable cotton pads

Each pouch costs £12 and comes with 10 super soft re-usable skincare pads, along with a drawstring bag to wash your pads in your regular washing machine. You can also use these alongside the Elements cleansing balm which is vegan, natural and cruelty free. I love how gentle this balm is on your skin.

Looking forward to hearing more about the Elements Boutique Spa and products as time goes by, they are definitely one to watch! Visit for more info and to purchase.

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