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Bath and Body Works Candles UK

Since visiting New York, I was forever finding myself googling Bath and Body Works Candles UK in desperate hope that I would come across somewhere that I could pick up my new favourite candles and have them delivered here. Given how popular this brand is, it amazes me that they still haven’t opened a store here to be honest.

Bath and Body Works Candles UK

When a company called GoSend reached out and asked if I would like to review their service, the first thing I realised was that this would be my perfect way to grab bath and body works candles and products and have them sent to me here in the UK. Keep reading to find out more about the Go Send experience and to take a look at the incredible goodies we picked up from the U.S.

I loved how easy this process was. After signing up, I was able to browse my U.S favourite shops. Bath and Body Works and Sephora were obviously first on my hit-list! I chose the products I wanted and popped the link to them in my GoSend account. I was given access to the VIP membership, so I had access to the Shop Assist tool which basically meant that a personal shopper ordered my products for me and sorted everything out – I didn’t have to lift a finger or do anything confusing. All I had to do was link to the products I wanted!

**You can find an exclusive code at the bottom of this feature to give you 3 months free VIP membership!**

After my personal shopper had ordered my products, I wanted a couple of days and then received a notification that the items had been placed in my locker for me to check. You receive a picture of your products so that you can see there’s no damage and check that everything is correct. After doing so, your items can be released and sent out to you. My order arrived in about 5 working days which was AMAZING! Everything was incredibly well packaged, there were no breakages and I didn’t have any hefty import tax fees to pay at all.

Bath and Body Works Candles UK

It is also worth noting that there was a special offer on at Bath and Body Works when I ordered that the Go Send staff managed to pick up for me on my request. If you spent over a certain amount, you got a lovely gift set for free. It is fantastic to know that we can take advantage of the same deals as everyone in the U.S.

Bath and Body Works Candles UK

In my order I picked up some of the Autumnal range of candles and products from Bath and Body Works but I also had to grab one of my favourite mascaras from Sephora while I had the opportunity. I could see myself doing so much Christmas shopping using this service now!


How does GoSend work?

– GoSend gives every member a US address that can be used at checkout from any U.S. retailer
– Items get sent to GoSend’s warehouse in Delaware and are stored in a personal locker space assigned to that member
– Users can view photographs of all the items that arrive to make sure nothing is damaged or incorrect (if it is GoSend will return it!)
– When a member is ready to receive their shipment, they may release their locker and and choose from a list of shipping carriers (ranging from lowest price to highest) to ship the order with. By using GoSend instead of ordering through the retailer directly, members can save up to 80% on international shipping fees!

Basic vs. VIP membership plan

– One-off shipping – allows you to shop at a single retailer and GoSend ships it out from our warehouse for a discounted rate on international shipping

– $10 per month/ $50 per year
– Access to ShopAssist tool – a personal shopper orders the goods for you using a U.S. credit card (as many retailers don’t accept foreign credit cards at checkout)
– GoSend Global Shipping rates – Only VIP members have access to the cheapest international shipping rates available with GoSend Global
– Package consolidation option – buy from as many different retailers and get everything shipped in one box for a single discounted shipping fee.

Bath and Body Works Candles UK

Exclusive Code For LifestyleLinked readers!!

If you sign up at GoSend :- with the coupon code LIFESTYLE you will get  3 months free VIP membership! This is a fantastic deal as the VIP membership really does make things so much easier.

Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed our tips for Bath and Body Works Candles UK and if you sign up for the service, keep us posted with how you get on and what exciting things you find while doing your U.S shopping from the comfort of your sofa!

Disclaimer: please note that unless otherwise stated some items featured have been provided on a review basis.

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