Stylish Heating For Your Home

This week we’ve been looking at some stylish heating options for the home, in collaboration with Aircon Centre. Here is our first look at our favourite panel heater which would look amazing in any room.

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The Devola Eco 2.4kW Panel Heater is the ideal product for you, to heat up your living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. The product is a Convection Panel Heater, with a sleek slimline design finished in Smart Black. This is a suitable unit to be used in domestic and commercial settings, and where you require a fast, reliable heater. They can be Floor Mounted or Wall Mounted, which is ideal for rooms where floor space is limited. You can be confident that the perfect product is here for you at Air Con Centre.

The Panel Heater works by heating up a room through the process of Convection. The hot metal elements inside of the heater warm the air, after which the heat circulates around the room. They offer fast and effective room heating, and are more cost-effective than Electric Radiators.

One benefit of the Devola Panel Heater is that it has portability. It comes with a cable, which has a length of 1.5 metres. You can plug the Heater into a wall switch, and place it safely on the floor with its stand. If you have less space, say in a kitchen with appliances, you can mount the Heater to the wall for a stylish look. It is suitable for rooms in size of up to 26 metres squared. The weight of the product is only 6.3 kilograms, which means you can lift and carry it to the room you want to heat up. It will fit nicely into your living room, empowering your home décor as you relax on the sofa.

A second benefit of the heater is that it has multiple features. The front air grille produces efficient heat circulation to the room. It has a 24-hour Programmable timer, which means you can set the heater to switch off after a period of time. The thermostat allows you to set temperatures at specific times. This is ideal for when you are commuting home from work, and can walk into and enter an already warm, cosy living room. There is also a frost protection setting, to ensure the rooms never fall below freezing temperature.

A third benefit of the Panel Heater is that it follows Health and Safety Regulations. It is Lot 20 compliant, which means it meets the standard of the minimum efficiency under Lot 20 of the Energy Efficiency directive. In terms of size, it is 0.95 metres wide and 0.40 metres high, which is compact. Its’ slender depth of 0.107 metres allows it to slot in nicely to the mounting. The material is Aluminium, so it will not rust over time.

In all the Devola 2.4kW Panel Heater is an attractive slimline product, ideal for heating in your home, living room or office environment.

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