Minimalist Lighting For Your Dining Room

This week we have partnered with the team at LED Bulbs to showcase one of our favourite minimalist lighting options for the dining room or kitchen. Keep reading for the full low-down and review.

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The EGLO Geometric Pendant Light is the highlight of any room, whether it’s in the living room, the kitchen, or the dining room above the dining table. Once the hanging light is switched on, the wire shade creates a captivating collaboration between light and shadow. The geometric wire design fits seamlessly into the décor of your vintage, retro style home. You can rest assured the perfect Pendant light is here for you at LED Bulbs.

The EGLO Geometric Pendant light works by fitting the fixture in the ceiling of your desired room. This is ideal for you, when you have come home and want to enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal under lovely ambient light. The GLS Light Bulb with an ES/E27 Cap Base is securely placed in the fixture. Once switched on, you will feel the brightness glowing down from the pendant light.

One benefit of the light is that the bulb has a brightness of 700 Lumens at an equivalent wattage of 60W. The traditional light bulb has a life expectancy of 100 hours, which can last for up to 15 months if you use it 2 hours per day. The energy rating of the light bulb is A++, which means it is at the most efficient level.

A second benefit is the size of the fixture for the room. Ergonomically, the hanging cable is 1.1 metres in height, which gives you a good clearance for a standard room with height of 3 metres. The light fixture only weighs 1.44 kilograms, meaning it is unlikely to fall down from the ceiling once fastened. At a glance, the Health and Safety of the light is excellent as the power switch will be on the wall. The diameter of the geometric wire is 0.31 metres, giving you an amazing projection of illumination out from the fixture.

Next time you are sat at the dining table, imagine the EGLO Pendant lighting up your day. This is the ideal product for you, to be the focal point of your living room, kitchen, or dining room.


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