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I'm Home Lush Perfume

I’m Home Lush Perfume Review – This month sees the relaunch of the LUSH Perfumes, a fine fragrance collection with a brand new look – alongside the launch of a new collection, Volume IV. We’ve got our hands on two of the new releases and if they are anything to go by, you are going to want to head to your local Lush store and stock up, pronto!

What does the idea of home mean to you? Is it the smell of baking on a Sunday? The comforting, yet indescribable scent of a loved one? A warm welcome in an unfamiliar place? Or perhaps leaving for a long time and then returning? Whether you’re a wanderer or a nest builder; the word ‘home’ means different things to different people and it is this sentiment which inspired the new Lush Volume IV perfume range.

Volume IV has been inspired by and worked on with Hal Samples – photographer, documentarian, performance artist, and an all-round living piece of art. Hal’s relationship with Lush has been that of a storyteller, sharing with us his experiences and life story, which have now been realised as some perfumes within the latest Lush perfumes collection.

Lush I'm Home Perfume

I’m Home Lush Perfume

The I’m Home Lush Perfume is the absolute perfect scent for this time of year. This is a perfume that will lift your spirits, brighten your mood and make you feel warm and comforted. It is familiar and sweet, like a warm hug on a gloomy day……

A world of adventures is left outside the door, the perfume of home beckons. As I step over the threshold, a blanket of vanilla absolute wraps me up in a warm embrace, leaving a sweet scent. A pot of gently spiced hot chocolate bubbles on the stove, cocoa absolute from the Peace Community in Colombia drawing out memories of all the things I love. I sink into folds of the familiar arm chair, well-read books resting against walls. The warming scent of benzoin resinoid gently strokes across my skin. The creak of the stairs say she’s coming to greet you. As the windows protect me from the rain, and the air crackles with a warming fragrance, I know, I’m home.

Lush im home

The I’m Home Lush Perfume is priced from £25 for 30 ml and is absolutely going to be your new favourite everyday scent. Pop it on when you wake on a cold winter’s morning or indulge yourself in a quick spritz of this paired on top of the now iconic Lush Sleepy body lotion after a hot bath. Pure bliss!

Lush what would love do

If you are looking for a brighter and more citrus based fragrance then the gorgeous ‘What Would Love Do’ with it’s fresh orange scent should be right up your street…

Love would wrap you in a lavender embrace, and sing a lullaby of calm. Love makes life sweet, leaves letters, fills the world with perfume against all odds. The course of true love never did run smooth, but love would find a way. Love would brighten the world with a tangerine fragrance, always ready to find the sun from behind a cloud.

You can find all of the new Lush fragrances at www.lush.co.uk

Disclaimer: please note that unless otherwise stated some items featured have been provided on a review basis and affiliate links may be present.

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