Snakebyte Head:Set S Review

With the winter weather creeping in quickly, we’re secretly wishing that we could batten down the hatches and hibernate, playing video games! If you, much like me, have noticed that your technology from last years winter desperately needs upgrading after being hastily packed away into drawers, then Snakebyte Head:Set S is the perfect bit of tech to look into!

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The HEAD:SET S™ for the Nintendo Switch™ is what you need if you’re looking to get to that next level. Built in is a 40mm audio driver that allows for optimal sound quality. A removable mic with
flexibility is perfect for coordinating with your teammates and trash talking your foes. Soft and comfortable design makes this perfect for gamers seeking the best in audio quality and comfort.

snakebyte head set

Snakebyte Head:Set S Key Points

• foldable and comfortable design
• 40mm audio driver for excellent sound quality
• Cushioned ear shells for extra comfort
• Mic (flexible, removable), volume control (cable)

Gaming headsets are a must for any avid gamer. Whether you want to be able to hear the serene peaceful music of Animal crossing, or hear the loud gunfire and screaming of your friends down the microphone, Snakebyte’s new headset is the one you need. Coming in at around £19 this is the perfect budget headset for you!


Notoriously, cheaper headsets are usually poor quality, however this headset absolutely blew us away! With its fold-able and comfortable design it is one of the most lightweight headsets I have ever experienced, I actually started to forget I had it on.

The sound quality is superb and is exactly what you need in a gaming headset! Its 40mm audio driver makes for a premium sound experience and its volume slider on the cable makes for an easy transition if things get a little too loud.

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