Primark 50th Birthday | AW19′ Campaign

primark 50th birthday

To celebrate Primark’s 50th birthday, fifteen well-known content creators were chosen to appear in an exciting global AW19 window campaign. Seamlessly collaborating across our twelve regions, the Primark 50 window campaign brought together key influencers from Europe and the USA to commemorate the iconic brands birthday, along with highlighting the latest AW19 range launching this September.

As modelled by the influencers, the AW19 range sees the return of 70s splendour. A plethora of neutral shades to suit all skin tones and styles, the AW19 collection is jam-packed with twinsets and tailoring in colours of coffee tan, chocolate brown and creamy mocha. Bougie prints are amplified with 70s style patterns and classic heritage checks at the forefront. The classic check boiler suit is updated and an ideal piece for workwear that can be thrown on with both trainers and heels. PU leather trousers in various fits intensify the polished 70s vibe. The cream check two-piece combo is satin, slinky and flattering making it the hero piece from the collection.

Primark previously worked with several of the influencers that were involved in the Primark 50 campaign including Suzanne Jackson of SOSU by SJ in Ireland, Sophie Hannah Richardson from the UK, and most recently Adja Sitar from Slovenia, when Primark recently opened in their 12th region in Ljubljana. Jamal Edwards, one of the male influencers is an author, entrepreneur, and founder of the online music platform SB.TV in the UK. The influencers chose their own specific look from the latest AW19 range to coincide with their personal style. In addition to this, they offered their own inspirational quote that is typographically featured and orientated around a virtue of Primark as they see it. This will feature in the window alongside their images.

UK influencer Sophie Hannah Richardson is a full time fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger known for her signature mermaid hair, unique style and creative beauty tutorials. Her message is simple – ‘Be individual, express yourselves and most importantly, be you!’. Sophie encompasses Primark’s fun personality and confidence, encouraging everyone to embrace their individuality.

Jamal Edwards MBE is a British entrepreneur, author and the founder of online urban music platform SBTV. Outside of music, he’s putting a lot of energy into youth development projects and whilst he’s super busy he still finds time to craft his own style. In his words ‘People will stare, make it worth their while, do it with style #SelfBelief’. Primark are extremely proud to work with someone so passionate, innovative and trail blazing – Jamal is an inspiration to Primark customers and beyond.

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