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Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight was originally meant to be released in October last year. The makers weren’t happy however bringing out a game that wasn’t completely how they imagined. And they pushed the date back till June this year and recently again for a few weeks more in the same month.

As a big fan of the series and the dark knight himself (I have the bat symbol tattooed on my back) it felt like being told that Christmas was cancelled as a child.

Anyone who has played the previous games knows the developers pay great attention to detail in the game. Graphics that impress and enough hidden Easter eggs to keep anyone’s inner geek happy for hours.

Batman: Arkham Knight takes place after the shocking events of Arkham City and Bruce Wayne has started to fully understand what is needed from the Batman in Gotham.

In the game he is at the pinnacle of his vigilante career, his combat being at its finest. He has more tech than inspector Gadget had in his entire body and his now playable Bat-mobile looking like it’s been in a high tech episode of Pimp my ride.

Several trailers have been released mainly due to the delays and to make sure with don’t lose our excitement.

In the ‘Gotham is Mine’ trailer we see who is expected to be in the new game. These include The Riddler, Two Face, Harley Quinn, Penguin, Poison Ivy and the main antagonist being the Scarecrow. Three hidden codes are in this trailer each shown briefly when a flash appears. These can be used on the main website to unlock character bios of the villain shown at time of flash (Harley, Poison Ivy and Scarecrow).

The story has been kept closely under wraps with the developers not wanting to spoil the gaming experience. What we do know is that the Scarecrow, fed up with the Dark knight wants to take him down once and for all. To do this he is bringing all Batman’s greatest foes together and making the citizens of Gotham evacuate due to the threat of releasing a deadly toxic gas over the City.

A new character has been made especially for the game. The Arkham Knight – a villain that appears to be a more armoured version of Batman with a arsenal with an intent to kill. Not much is known about the Arkham Knight and it will be good to see a back story of an unheard of character and what his grudge against Batman is.

Batman Arkham Knight is released on PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows June 23rd 2015. Playstation have also just released details of the Limited Edition bundle, check it out below:



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