Animal Crossing New Horizons| 4 Things I love about ACNH so far!

animal crossing new horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons | 4 Things I love about ACNH so far! Okay. So… since I’ve caved and bought a Nintendo switch and Animal crossing new horizons during the covid-19 lockdown I now have a new obsession. I’m only just really staring to properly customise my island but I thought it might be fun to round-up a few of the things I’m loving about ACNH so far. I know that so many of you are also enjoying playing!

The pretty graphics

I’ve never been able to get into games like this in the past. My husband and daughter love playing Minecraft, but I’m such a visual person that the graphics just instantly put me off! Animal Crossing New Horizons is far easier for me to get on board with. The attention to detail placed upon every aspect of your island is visually stunning. Whether you are watching your butterflies and fish in the museum or gazing at your beautiful orchard of peach trees, the graphics are instantly calming.

I love the interactive elements that some graphics have. Watering your flowers and watching the water sparkle as it drips from every petal or spotting a shooting star in the night sky and making a wish just totally floats my geeky little boat!

The cute characters

I didn’t expect to like the characters on Animal Crossing new horizons quite as much as I do but oh my goodness they are adorable! My absolute favourite is Celeste. She visits your island and tells you all about the stars and celestial items. Timmy and Tommy who run the shop are also very cute! Just don’t get me started on Tom Nook or Paula though (one of my island residents) as I have shouted at my screen many times like a raving lunatic when it comes to those two in particular!

Home and island design

The interior design loving part of me is a little bit obsessed with making my island look its best at all times. I adore the cute little houses and I can’t wait to start collecting more items to make it look super stylish inside. There are so many ‘Island Tours’ like the video above which are fun to watch and help you get creative with your designs. I’m envisioning a cool, minimalist style with a Gothic twist for my house eventually! It is quite rewarding that once you have ‘completed’ the game, Tom Nook gives you more tools to start landscaping your island. Now not only can you design island decor, you can build and landscape too!

animal crossing new horizons

Keeping my mind off of the current pandemic

Like everyone else, I have been struggling a little with the disruption to my daily life and work schedule and it has been stressing me out. You can read all about the things that have been keeping me sane in this post and Animal Crossing New Horizons is definitely one of them. I find that spending a few hours each day (a little in the morning and a little in the evening) helps me to relax and keeps my anxiety at bay. I know that it is also helping so many other people at the moment and that can only be a good thing in my eyes!

Are you playing Animal Crossing New horizons on the Nintendo switch and how are you finding it? I’m expecting to be bored of it eventually when there becomes less to create and do, but for now I’m having great fun!

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