Nuaire Drimaster Review: Does the Drimaster Eco Heat Stop Condensation?

nuaire drimaster

Nuaire Drimaster review – This month we have had some renovation work done to our Victorian house here in Somerset. After already having damp proofing completed, we decided that we also wanted to look at ways to help reduce condensation in the home going forward. The downstairs in particular can suffer quite badly with condensation during the winter months and this is something that we wanted to reduce in the most cost effective way.

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After reading up about the nuaire drimaster ventilation system online and hearing positive things, I was interested to take a closer look. Luckily the team at Nuaire were also keen to team up on a feature and very kindly provided us with a complimentary unit to review and share the results with you all. After testing the Nuaire Dri Eco Heat out for a month, here’s what we can report back so far…

drimaster eco heat

Nuaire Drimaster eco heat review

The Nuaire Drimaster eco heat is a low energy whole house ventilation system. With its cost effective solution of a non-disruptive installation, this unit is ideal for anyone looking to reduce condensation in their home and improve air quality. Its enhanced technology also uses up to 20% less energy than the competition. The air is pulled from the attic space, filtered and pushed back down throughout the rest of the house. The continuous stream of freshly filtered air is then effectively transferred around your whole home, keeping the air clean and making it so that mould and condensation cannot form due to no longer having the correct environment to do so. Simple and effective!

drimaster eco heat

Nuaire Drimaster info and benefits (info taken from brand website)

Cures condensation dampness – PIV reduces the humidity in the air, curing condensation dampness preventing mould growth
Improved indoor air quality and healthy living environment– Indoor pollutants from cooking and cleaning, as well as outdoor pollutants including traffic fumes, pollen and Radon gas are eradicated from the home
Unique cost effective solution on tempering incoming air – Thermostatically controlled 400 watt comfort heater positioned at the diffuser resulting in minimal heat loss
Occupant controllability – A remote switch DRI-ECO-4S is available to provide the occupant control of their own comfort within the home
Optional Additional Sensors – Remote carbon dioxide detector DRI-ECO-CO2 and relative humidity sensors DRI-ECO-RH will automatically raise the fans speed when set levels are measured to maintain good air quality
Meets Regulations – Meets Part F & L of Building Regulations as a low-energy ventilation strategy
Easy & simple installation – Under one hour
Modern, sleek circular diffuser – Provides occupant acceptability
Hall Control – System controls located in the ceiling diffuser for easy commission and access for maintenance checks
Filter change indicator – To ensure optimum performance is maintained
Very low maintenance – Filter clean or replacement every five years
Extremely energy efficient – System goes into standby during warmer months when there is no evidence of condensation
Health benefit – Clinically proven to help allergy and asthma sufferers
7 year warranty: 1 year parts and labour, remaining 6 years parts only (UK and Ireland only)

nuaire drimaster

Installing the Nuaire Drimaster Eco Heat

One of the first things we wondered when looking into these ventilation systems was how difficult are they to fit? It turns out that the process is actually a lot easier than you would think. We called up our electrician who told us that these units are becoming quite popular now and that they were happy to come out and fit ours. The process simply required cutting a hole in the ceiling of the landing (accessed via the loft) for the air vent to be placed. This would allow the air to be pulled from the attic and be directed all around the upstairs of the house and onwards down the stairs.

nuaire drimaster

We made sure that the vent itself was placed on an area of the hallway that could be easily accessed as there are some controls on this that you will need to get to from time to time, in order to adjust the settings. The rest of the work was completed from inside the attic where the electricians ensured that everything was wired correctly.

nuaire drimaster

All in all this only took an hour or so and we were charged £90 so hopefully this gives you an idea of fitting cost and time-frames. The process was easy and non-invasive and although the vent on the landing is quite big, it looks modern, sleek and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb!

Does the Nuaire Drimaster actually work?!

The big question…. does it actually work? Well, in our opinion YES! Since having the ventilation system fitted in our attic, the air in our home seems to be of better quality in general (fresher and no musty smells) and we have had no condensation issues at all since having it installed. The real test will be next winter when condensation season is in full swing once again, but for now – the improvements we’ve seen have been seriously impressive and we’ve not had any problems with condensation on the windows in the mornings in any area of the house.

If you are keen to find out more and do some research for yourself then you can find all of the info and links to buy online:

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    1. says: Becky

      Hi Chris, we’ve found it is still working really well (no condensation) and it makes a very small amount of noise but certainly nothing that would wake you or stop you sleeping. In all honesty we barely notice it! Only thing I would say is that we had to lower the setting a little here in our Victorian house during a couple of the really cold winter months as it was making the house a little chilly and we don’t have the heating element connected on ours at the mo. Dropped it to around 2 and it’s perfect. Hope that helps! Becky x

        1. says: Tom

          Thinking about installing one without the heater element. How much draft/cold air does it push in the house and is it noticeable. Many thanks