Four tricks to make your home snuggly this winter

Winter’s truly here but we’re embracing the season and making the most of the opportunity to give our homes a bit of a makeover. You’ll know when you’ve created that perfect cosy feel – you won’t ever want to leave the house and there’ll be friends and family queuing up at your door to get in. Take the time to really enjoy being at home with our four tricks to transform it into your own winter den.

Layers of texture

For those who like to wrap up warm, the more comfy blankets, rugs and cushions you can put in your space, the better, and this can be applied to all living areas and your bedrooms. Pile up the pillows for the ultimate sinking-into-bed feeling, drape a sheepskin rug over a dining chair as the Scandinavians do, and leave woolly and furry throws and blankets on your sofa to make a seat look ultra-inviting.

Hibernation mode

Precious time spent in our bedrooms should be enhanced by the furnishings that surround and cocoon us when we’re tucked up in bed. By introducing some luxurious fabrics like silk, cashmere and faux fur, you’ll up the comfort factor of your room but also keep the room warm. Give the window dressing some thought as we can lose quite a bit of heat from them – we’ve spotted some plush and thick velvet curtains from Direct Blinds that would be perfect for winter-proofing your bedroom.

Winter palettes

Colour makes a huge difference to the home in winter and choosing a theme that adds warmth is the way to make your interiors look elegant yet serve a practical purpose. Strong jewel hues are popular this year and whilst we love the deep reds, blues and purples, we also think an earthy theme with pops of terracotta and amber will serve you well for years to come.

Light it right

True, the nights last longer in winter and the lack of light can make some of us feel dreary but that’s even better for giving our homes a glowing look and feel. Take each room at a time and think about how you can add ambient lighting to create feelings of warmth and highlight special features of each space. Mix up your light sources with floor lamps, pendants, table lamps and even fairy lights to layer your lighting, serve different functions in separate rooms and draw the eye to key areas of interest such as a coffee table.

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