How to Authenticate Your Luxury Watch to Get the Best Price

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Authenticating your luxury watch is an important step in ensuring that you get the best price for it when selling or trading it. Authenticity helps buyers trust that they are getting a genuine product, which can help increase its value and demand. Knowing how to authenticate your watch correctly can be daunting, but with this guide, we will provide tips on how to accurately assess and authenticate any luxury watch before putting it up for sale or trade.

What Information Should You Look For When Authenticating Your Luxury Watch?

When authenticating a luxury watch, the first step is to look for any identifying information that can help you verify its authenticity. The Watch Exchange London can help you here. The most common markings you should look for are the brand name, model number, serial number, and diamond grade if it has diamonds incorporated into the design.

It is also important to note specific details about the case and band size, metal type (stainless steel or gold), movement type (mechanical or quartz), as well as any other identifying features such as engravings, diamonds, gemstones, or logos. The more information you can gather about your watch before authentication, the easier it will be for services to verify its authenticity.

Where Can You Find Authentication Services?

There are many online services that offer watch authentication services. These services usually require you to submit photos of your watch along with all of the necessary information we previously mentioned. Once submitted, their experts will review all of your data and determine whether or not your watch is genuine. Some popular authentication services include AuthenticateFirst, SwissWatchExpo and SwissTimeServices.

There are also several professional appraisers that specialize in authenticating luxury watches such as Antiquorum and Sotheby’s. Most authentication services have a fee associated with them but they may waive their fees if they determine that your item is not authentic – giving buyers peace of mind when making a purchase decision.

Other Resources That Can Help You Authenticate Your Luxury Watch

In addition to authentication services, there are other helpful resources available to aid in verifying the authenticity of luxury watches. One great resource is an online forum specifically dedicated to discussing luxury watches called WatchUSeek; where people from all over the world can come together to discuss anything related to watches – from technical specifications and movement types to tips on how to authenticate them accurately.

There are also many online articles written by avid collectors who have years of experience in assessing the authenticity of luxury items such as those found on Bob’s Watches blog and Hodinkee’s “How To Spot A Fake” series which provides detailed advice on what signs indicate a fake watch versus an authentic one.

Lastly, there are companies that offer certification programs that guarantee 100% accuracy when assessing authenticity – which provides buyers with an extra layer of protection when making a purchase decision regarding high-end timepieces or jewellery pieces worth thousands of dollars.


Authenticating a luxury watch correctly is key in ensuring maximum value when selling or trading it – so it’s important that you take all necessary steps in verifying its legitimacy and providing accurate descriptions when advertising it for sale or trade purposes. Knowing where and how to properly assess authenticity can save time and money while increasing confidence in buyers looking to invest in genuine products they know they can trust – so make sure to research thoroughly before engaging potential purchasers!

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