5 tips for giving your kitchen a Scandi makeover

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With so many kitchen trends coming and going, it can be difficult to decide how to decorate your space. As well as considering your own sense of style, you’ll want to think about what kind of décor is going to stand the test of time and give you the best value for money.

One contemporary favourite is the Scandinavian — usually referred to as Scandi — kitchen look, which strikes the perfect balance between form and function. Priding themselves on their ability to know what is ‘just the right amount’ of something, the Scandinavians opt for kitchens with simple designs that still have a homely feel. If you’re looking to give your kitchen a revamp this season, read our top five tips for creating a Scandinavian haven.


Pick a fresh white paint

One of the easiest ways you can give your kitchen a Scandi look is by paring everything back and painting the walls white. Using a durable and long-lasting paint, like this Dulux Easycare Washable one, will ensure your walls are easy to clean, so they’ll keep their crisp Scandi look for longer. Opting for bright whites will achieve the minimalistic kitchen look while giving the illusion of a larger space, which works especially well for small apartments and flats, or spaces that need brightening up.

Although the traditional Scandi kitchen is predominantly coloured white, it’s becoming more common for other colours to be used, too. Darker hues like blue are often used as an accent colour. This can be used to highlight key components of the space, like the fridge or cabinets.

scandi kitchens

Add luxury touches with marble

Although the Scandi look strives to keep light and airiness as the focus of the design, adding a simple yet luxury element, like marble, can give your kitchen some additional style points. Introduce it subtly with some decorative serving boards, like this mango wood and marble one from Alliance Online, or some splashback tiles above your hob. White marble will ensure you give your kitchen the effortlessly elegant feel that the Scandi look is so famous for, without compromising on the simplicity of the design itself. Marbles with metallic pigment flowing through them will be great for adding extra lavishness to your space and can be used against to match any metallic accent pieces you have, like kettles and pans.

When choosing the perfect marble, be sure to pick one with a low porosity, as this will make it less likely to stain, keeping your kitchen clean and fresh for longer.

Deck it out with wood

As Scandi kitchens tend to be quite minimalistic, opting for a light-coloured wood, like birch plywood will ensure your kitchen perfectly nails the look. The wood’s clean lines and distinct grain makes it particularly good for reflecting Scandinavian modernism. So, adding as much or as little of the wood into your kitchen will still give the Northern European vibe you’re after.

You can opt to keep it simple by leaving your plywood as it is. But, if you’re wanting to get a bit more inventive, don’t be afraid to add some paint over the top of your ply. Whether you choose a neutral tone to keep everything simple and Scandi-esque, or want to add some personality, colour can bring out the clean lines and make the space feel more polished. When dealing with any wood, you need to protect it from damage with a durable coating. So, make sure you’re using one, like this Osmo Polyx-Oil from Wood Finishes Direct, to not only reduce the impact of scuffs and scratches, but also to enhance the natural beauty of your plywood worktops.

shelving and jars

Make use of shelving

The Scandinavians love having ease ingrained in their kitchen designs, with many opting for shelving units rather than top cupboards, to act as a purpose-built storage spot, making the room more spacious.

With various materials and colours used around your kitchen, choose a shelving style that’ll complement the rest of the space. So, whether you’re swaying towards wooden shelves to match your worktops, or freestanding copper ones to inject a warm, metallic feel to the space, there are many ways to co-ordinate your kitchen.
Replacing cupboards with shelving makes the space feel extra homely, as it gives you a place to display your most treasured kitchen items, like antique plates. Additionally, your shelves could be used as a storage space for jars of herbs and spices, or pasta and rice to match the easy-living vibe that the rest of your Scandi kitchen will have.

Add a pop of colour

While the Scandinavians opt for an all-white, clean aesthetic, they’ll also add character to the space with bold appliances and décor. This can range from additions as little as this Kenwood kMix Coffee Machine, to bright and colourful fridges and range cookers.

Smaller details like attractive houseplants and flowers, as well as lamps and rugs, also offer great ways of adding hints of colour to your kitchen. So, get inventive and add some memorable elements into your kitchen.

Nailing a new kitchen trend can be difficult but, if you’re looking to incorporate Scandinavian influences into yours, our top five tips will help you to effortlessly achieve the look. So, whether you opt for a traditionally Scandi kitchen, or decide to add your own contemporary twist on it, you’ll have the basics covered with our guide.

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