How to Attract Renters to your Rural Property

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A property in the countryside can be a great source of income, especially if it’s sited in a popular tourist area. Often, it only takes a little bit of modification to make a place attractive to would-be renters. In some cases, you can draw customers in without so much as picking up a paintbrush, by simply changing the way you do things digitally.

Let’s assess a few key steps to taking your rural rental property to the next level.

Create a unique space

If you’ve got a unique space to market, then you’ll set yourself apart from the local competition. At the same time, you’ll want a vibe that’s in keeping with the local area and culture. If it’s a seaside cottage, this might mean plenty of decorative seashells, pastel shades of blue, and paintings of boats.

If you’re starting from scratch, try to ensure that your property showcases the surrounding countryside as much as possible. This might mean installing larger windows and skylights. If you’ve got a picturesque historical building, then a more hands-off approach might be preferable.

Add some upgrades

There are a few features that tourists will be looking for. These include swimming pools, hot tubs, squash courts, and outdoor seating areas. Optional extras should be added only when the space allows for it. It might be that the addition of a swimming pool will dominate the space – in which case a smaller feature, like a hot tub, might be a better option.

Think about the cost of maintaining these features over time, as well as the up-front cost of installing them. Swimming pools in particular will benefit from regular cleaning: stock up swimming pool chlorine tablets for a healthy and safe water and always have the right equipment available to keep the pool premises clean. You will be able to find bulk deals and offers.

List your property

If your customers aren’t aware that your property exists, then they won’t be able to come to stay in it. By listing your property on multiple websites, you’ll get access to the broadest possible cross-section of the tourist population.

Offer extra services and activities

Any extra services you might offer, like cooked breakfasts, guided tours, and access to local sports facilities, are going to make your offering more attractive. Try to play to your strengths – if there’s a service or activity that’s particular to the area, then the chances are that it will be in high demand among visitors.

Online marketing

Getting the message out often means more than simply making a listing. See if you can push your property to those who might enjoy it, with the help of blogs, online video, and social media. It might be that the best approach here is to contact a professional specialist who’ll be able to spread the word on your behalf.

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