Coffee Bags: What Are They & Should You Buy Them?


Now and then, a favourite becomes reinvented, and the world goes crazy for it. The craze in question is coffee bags and how much they have changed the way we drink coffee.

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Coffee bags are the equivalent of tea bags, only they have coffee granules in them. It’s not just instant coffee granules either. They are ground up beans put into a biodegradable filter bag and prepared the same way you would prepare a teacup. There is no longer a need for a percolator or a filter coffee machine. You just need a cup of hot water, and you’re all set for a delicious cup of coffee. All you need to do to experience this for yourself is go out and buy coffee bags.


Instant coffee VS filter

Die-hard coffee fanatics would argue that filter coffee is better than anything else available. Still, other solutions for those unable to enjoy a cup of filter or store bought coffee constantly would be the new craze that everyone is talking about. Coffee bags have been around for centuries and have been used in many different ways. The first coffee bags were made of silk pieces, and since then, it has been modified for us to enjoy in a healthier, environmentally friendly way.


Good for you

Coffee bags are not just convenient but also economical and easy to use. Coffee machines may be all the rage, but coffee bags save you money and time. It is great for storing in the office if you are not a fan of what they serve, but you want o to have a cup of coffee that’s a bit stronger than the usual instant coffee. It makes for great travel companions when you are out on a long road trip because all you need to do is carry water around in a flask and pour it out when you need a little “pick me up.”

It is also really great for the environment. The little bags are biodegradable and can be disposed of literally anywhere without worrying that they might not fit in with the environment or cause more damage.


Why buy coffee bags?

If you want to try something new that doesn’t cost as much money as a machine and the little pods they come with, these coffee bags are definitely for you. They are available in decaffeinated and green and still have that vibrant Italian aroma. It is convenient and tasty and makes up for any budget loss like those during the Coronavirus lockdowns when hanging out at coffee shops might not always be the best of ideas, and splurging on coffee isn’t an option.

You can order a box of your favourite coffee flavour, invite a few friends over and set up your home so that you can enjoy your coffee with friends and loved ones the same way you did before.

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