Guide to Creating a Luxury Bathroom

designing your bathroom

Many homeowners want to turn their bathroom into a luxury, spa-like oasis but are not sure how. Turning your bathroom into a luxury bathroom can improve your life in many ways and give you a space where you can relax, unwind and feel at peace. It is also a way to improve your home and even add value. So, how can you go about creating a luxury bathroom?

Tiles & Paint

First, you should consider the tiles and the paint as these are the most noticeable aspects of the bathroom. Patterned floor tiles can create a luxury feel and add a lot of character or you could opt for something sleek and sophisticated like black or grey tiles. Instead of traditional rectangles, you could also try different-shaped tiles, such as a hexagon to add style. Darker shades tend to work well when creating a luxury bathroom, but if you are limited for space, you might want to pick a lighter shade to create the illusion of space.

Shower Features

There is no part of the bathroom more important than the shower. Installing a new shower for your bathroom while renovating the space will always give the space a boost and improve your life. If you want a touch of luxury, you should consider a walk-in shower with a seat and a rainfall showerhead. You will also want to have a caddy where you can keep all of your shower products organized to maintain a neat and tidy look.


The use of mirrors in the bathroom can bring many benefits. Not only are mirrors practical, but they can also reflect the natural light that will help the space to feel bigger, brighter and airier. In addition to this, mirrors can add a touch of elegance and class, especially when you have mirrors that have interesting frames and/or backlit mirrors.


Decorating a bathroom is difficult because you do not want to go overboard while still finding ways to add personality. You do not want to add too much clutter as this should be a clean and tidy space, so things like tasteful artwork on the walls and plants can make a big difference. You can also add colour and texture through the towels, so you do not need to add a huge amount to this space.

If you want to transform your bathroom into a luxury space then this post should help. The bathroom is often a space that is neglected, but making this a luxury space could give you an area in the home that allows you to completely unwind and relax. In addition to this, making your bathroom a luxury space will also help to boost the value of your property too.

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