How to brew the perfect green tea?


New to green tea or looking to up your green tea-making skills? Knowing how to brew the perfect green tea is the best way to start. This wonderful drink is the ideal option for a mid-morning boost or refreshing evening beverage…as long as you know how to make it well. 

A whopping 39% of Brits drink this hot beverage on a regular basis which proves its popularity. Those that don’t partake in green tea consumption have either never tried it or have only ever tasted poorly made ones.  

To help you join the green tea-drinking revolution, we’re here to talk you through the simple process of brewing the perfect green tea. Read on to find out more. 

Find the right temperature 

One of the most difficult parts of brewing any hot drink is finding the right temperature to brew it in. Many of the best green teas will have instructions on what temperature your tea should be made at. Those that are looking to be super accurate should make their green tea with water around the 80oC mark.  

Those using a kettle will reach this number if they boil it and then leave it to rest for 3-5 minutes before beginning to make your perfect green tea. 

How long should it brew for? 

Green tea that is left in the water can quite quickly turn bitter. That’s why you should only leave your tea leaves or bag in the mug with water for 2-3 minutes. This will keep your hot drink tasty for the duration you’re drinking it for. 

Customise your drink  

With drinks like coffee, you can expect to see additional ingredients to make it that bit sweeter. Things like syrups or whipped cream are popular amongst coffee drinkers but they don’t work quite as well in green tea.  

That doesn’t me you can’t add delicious extras to your green tea, however. Instead opt for more natural ingredients like herbs, ginger or fruit to enhance the flavour and create the tastiest green tea for you.  

What makes a perfect green tea is ultimately down to the drinker. Our tips can help you get so far in making a lovely hot drink but the perfect tea is born out of preferences. Experiment with your green tea and wow friends and family when you let them try it. 


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