Get Your Outdoor Lighting Ready for Autumn

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As autumn 2023 arrives, many households will be looking to get their light ready as night begins to fall sooner. So, how do you get your outdoor lighting ready for autumn? Let’s shine some light on this subject!

Note: Lights are generally not suited to be within too close proximity of plants, trees, etc. (although some exceptions do exist). So just consider this a safety concern when deciding what lights to add to your property and where. Chat with a professional if you have any doubts or additional concerns.

Hanging Lanterns

The first option worth considering from this list is hanging lanterns. This timeless lighting option is a great way of giving your garden a luminesce autumnal flare that is quaint, welcoming, and homely in equal measure.

Using light bulbs makes the most sense for hanging lanterns due to the risks associated with using candles, and they should only be used with hanging lanterns if suitable and safe per the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Be sure to follow all safety guidance from the manufacturer and use common sense. For instance, if using candles (again, not advised, but it’s important to lay out these safety points if you go down this route), be sure to put them out when exiting the garden for the night. Do not leave the candles on unattended either.

Lastly, if using candles, ensure wax does not drip onto anything as this can damage surrounding elements (e.g., the decking) and prove a fire hazard which could lead to an inferno. Also, be very careful when lighting it or putting it out. You should not light a candle if you’ve been drinking, that’s for sure. So, safety should always come first, which is partly why it is best to stick with lightbulbs.

Solar Wall Lights

Garden solar lights are currently on the rise. These convenient and often automatically functioning lights are a handy, eco-friendly way of lighting your garden this autumn.

While garden solar lights are worth looking into in general, solar wall lights may be especially appealing for many households ahead of the second seasonal transition of the year.

Solar wall lights can be great in the autumn to light up your garden as the days start to get shorter. Solar wall lights, well placed, can light up certain features of your garden (e.g., specific trees or plants).

Hiring an Electrician

Many types of outdoor lighting (e.g., security lighting, in most cases anyway) are examples of mains-powered lighting, which will require the work of an electrician. Other types of lighting may require an electrician too. If in any doubt, consult with one for clarity.

The average cost to hire an electrician in the UK is £30 to £60 per hour or £200 to £350 per day. However, labour rates can differ across the country. 

For instance, electricians charge higher rates than the national average in regions/cities like London. On the other hand, electrical labour costs tend to be below the UK average in northern England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

A final point worth mentioning when hiring an electrician is that you should obtain quotes from at least three before deciding. When you receive these quotes, you can compare the pricing, experience levels, and any online reviews/ratings available for each electrician before deciding.

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