When should I visit Megève?

Young skier in mask sliding fast while skiing view during sunny winter day on Krasnaya polyana ski resort and Caucasus mountains in Sochi, Russia

Every city has its unique weather condition. The activity you want to engage in often determines why people visit Megève. No doubt, Megève weather conditions have a good time for outdoor activities. Therefore, if your purpose for visiting Megève is for a holiday trip, then their a certain period you should visit this city. Read and learn more about Megève weather and the right time to visit for your holiday trip.

The best time to visit Megève

The temperatures in Megève vary, and usually, it feels cold for most of the year. Most tourists prefer to visit when the weather is warm in Megève. If you want to visit Megève when it is warm, it should be in July, June, and August. The warmest time of the year in Megève is in the middle of June. The weather temperature is around 77.8°F (25.4°C), with temperatures rarely dropping below 50°F (10°C) at night. 

The coldest and rainiest months in Megève

The temperature in Megève is often cold all year round. However, it appears to be even more cold and rainy in Megève during certain months. The coldest months in Megève are between January and February. If you are not used to cold weather, don’t visit Megève in these two months. Nevertheless, the cold weather does stop indoor activities. Not to mention, it only reduces the number of people that leave their homes to have fun.

The heavens pour down the rains more in Megève during May and June. Also, the weather in Megève is not friendly in the months of October, November, and December. During the rainy season in Megève, most outdoor activities are on hold. Besides, engaging in outdoor activities like skiing, etc will be dangerous. 


Let the Megève weather not discourage you from visiting. Like most cities in the high mountains, Megève is often cold around the year. The weather in Megève doesn’t take away the fun because several indoor activities are available for tourists. Their nightlife in Megève is always buzzing. More so, Megève has some of the best accommodations, including luxury apartments.

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