If You Just Want A Basic, Pretty Garden, We’ve Got Your Back

Some people want lavish gardens, other people want a lovely little escape from their everyday home life. The garden can be used for many different things, but there are people who don’t want anything like this. They just want somewhere basic that looks nice, that they can enjoy their time in when the sun is shining. But, too many people feel pressured to create wonderlands in their back gardens these days, and there’s no need. If you want a simple garden, this is what you can do.

Keep It Nicely Maintained

Keep the grass cut, make sure that you are pulling out the weeds when you see them, and water any flowers that you have. Now, if you want something simple you might not want any flowers and that’s absolutely fine, but if you do have them they need to be watered regularly so they don’t wither and die.

The most important part of keeping your garden maintained is always going to be the grass though, so this is where your focus should be. In the summer months you should be cutting the grass once per week to keep it at a reasonable length, whereas in the winter you don’t really need to cut it at all.

Add A Shed For Storage

You are obviously going to have some garden tools, and you’re not going to want to have them in your home as they get dirty. You are also not going to want to leave them around the garden as this doesn’t look nice and tidy, which means that your outdoor space is going to look bad. As such, you should think about adding a shed to the space so that you can store all of your items. You can look at a colorbond shed or any other type, depending on what you think will look the best and be the most durable. Take a look around at different types of sheds, or you can even get a custom built shed if you don’t like the look of any that you see.

A Patio For Sitting

Last but not least, you’re going to want somewhere to sit. Even if you don’t tend to be outside much, there are going to be times where you want to sit out there, and the grass is no good for outdoor furniture anyway. You need somewhere flat and smooth for your outdoor pieces, and a patio is the ideal solution. Either install this yourself, or hire someone to do it for you, but either way you need one asap if you don’t already have a space like this in your garden.

At the end of the day, it’s your garden and it’s about what you want, not what social media tells you that you should want. If a nice, basic garden is what you want for your home, then that is what you should create. Now you know what to do, so there’s no reason for you not to do it!

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