Supporting Non-profits: Things You Can Do as an Individual to Help

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Non-profit organizations are always there to provide a helping hand to the most vulnerable in society. Generally, these organizations rely on receiving support from heartfelt, good-willed individuals and volunteers. Read this guide to discover more about what you can do as an individual to provide non-profits with the vital assistance they need.

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Come Up with Creative Fundraising Ideas

Think outside the box when it comes to fundraising and try and come up with original, creative ways to raise money for a cause you are passionate about supporting. What fundraising efforts will persuade people to donate? You can pretty much get as wild and out there as you like with your fundraising; whether it be skydiving, a marathon run, a sponsored walk, or shaving your head, every little helps.

It can be expensive for non-profit organizations to cover their operational costs throughout the year. If you are interested in fundraising for your chosen charity, learn more about fundraising ideas for individuals with these ideas from Givebutter, a modern fundraising platform for individuals and organizations alike.

Make the Most of Online Fundraising Platforms

Thanks to the efficiency of the internet, it’s easier than ever before for people to donate money to help non-profit organizations through online fundraising and crowdfunding platforms. Donors are able to donate money on these platforms using various electronic payment methods, such as Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, and so on. Online fundraising platforms mean that people are able to donate from absolutely anywhere in the world at any time, even if they’re unable to attend the fundraising event in question in person.

Donor management on fundraising platforms is straightforward. Anyone setting up a fundraising page is able to track their supporter activity all in one place. Do you want to track your progress and see how much money you have fundraised compared to your original fundraising target figure? Tracking the progress of your donations is very simple with online fundraising platforms. The non-profit you are raising money for will greatly appreciate your donations and selfless fundraising efforts.

Raise Awareness and Spread the Word About the Non-profit’s Vital Work

Do you feel more people in society need to be aware of the work that the non-profit organization you are raising funds for does? Who benefits from all their hard work? Animals or humans? Ways you can spread awareness about a non-profit’s work include detailed descriptions on online platforms and crowdfunding sites, talking about them at length with your friends, family, and colleagues, and creating organized presentations to explain the importance of their work to others.

People will be hesitant to donate to a non-profit if they don’t know what the organization stands for and what their money may be used for. Donors need to trust in the non-profit organization to whom they are donating. Like any other brand, non-profits need to create an easily recognizable brand image. Spreading the word about the organizations work is one sure way of building this brand image on the behalf of your chosen charity.

Offer to Volunteer Your Services

Giving money and raising funds is not the sole thing you can choose to do to support non-profits in 2022. Another way you can help out non-profit organizations as an individual is by kindly offering to volunteer; this may involve holding a donation box, doing outreach such as speaking in schools about a non-profit’s work, taking part in planning charity appeal campaigns, and so on. Many non-profits rely a lot on the sheer kindness of volunteers, offering a helping hand in whichever way possible.

Having an enthusiastic team of dedicated volunteers instead of having to fork out to pay for salaried staff will also help to significantly reduce the overhead costs involved in running a healthy non-profit organization. Therefore, non-profits are appreciative of being able to receive the help and guidance of as many volunteers as possible.

Donate Essential Supplies

Some non-profits depend on being provided with essential supplies by individuals. Do you have an abundance of items that could really help someone else just lying around at home, such as baby milk, nappies, food, drink, books, clothing, and warm bedding? If so, then it’s a great idea to try and donate these essential items to the relevant non-profit organizations that could find a way of putting them to good use.

Have you got spare Christmas presents lying around at home cluttering up the place that you simply do not ever see yourself using? Then consider donating them to non-profits; your unused Christmas gifts could turn out to be essential supplies that someone else does not have. Non-profits are often able to find a use for virtually anything and everything you could think of, therefore something that you perceive as junk, a non-profit may well see as indispensable and an essential supply.

These are just a few things that you can do as an individual these days to keep non-profit organizations running smoothly. All non-profits require support from donors and volunteers to work effectively as organizations and positively impact the world.



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