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If you are looking for some gorgeously stylish products to help scent your home this summer then I have got you covered in today’s article. We have been renovating our home here in Somerset for almost a year now and there has been a lot of upheaval! One thing that has really helped to make the home look and feel stylish during all of the renovations is to ensure that there are a few key accessories in each room that help it look and smell great.

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scent your home

When a guest enters your home for the first time it is so lovely to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Not only have we recently renovated our entrance porch, but we’ve also been working on ways to scent the various rooms in our home without compromising on style. I have managed to find some absolutely beautiful products to scent your home this summer, that look so stylish that you’ll want them on full display.

dyptique vanille

diptyque Candles and Room Sprays

One of my absolute favourite brands when it comes to home scenting as well as beauty and fragrances is diptyque. I have never seen a brand that better epitomises luxury and style with their products. The diptyque Vanille candle is beautifully scented with deep and sensual vanilla tones, without being too sweet and sickly. Adding a diptyque candle to your room will instantly give a sophisticated and minimalist look.

diptyque figuere

The diptyque room sprays come in a gorgeous glass bottle that looks stunning when placed on the mantelpiece. With the classic stylish packaging once again present, this is perfect for those wanting practical items to scent the home, that just so happen to look elegant and stylish too. The Figuier room spray is fresh and uplifting. This fig scented spray has a leafy green undertone and will leave guests feeling calm and at ease as they walk into your home this summer. I have already had so many questions and compliments! Find out more here:

reed diffuser

Norfolk Natural Living Diffusers

Norfolk Natural Living is a brand that I am fairly new to but one that I am already completely captivated by. This gorgeous Coastal Sea Salt reed diffuser is charming, stylish and perfect for bringing a beachy vibe to your home.

reed diffuser

Filled with beautiful little shells, this diffuser looks so sweet when placed in the hallway or living room. The scent is a captivating mix of fresh, salty sea air and the delicate floral tones of an English garden. Perfect for the warm summer months! Find out more here:

reed diffuser

MOR Strawberry and White Jasmine Reed Diffuser

MOR products are a firm favourite in our home. They are always imaginatively scented and come in stylish and on-trend packaging that looks great on display. The new Strawberry and White Jasmine reed diffuser is my new favourite.  This one is priced at £36.00  and has a luxurious oil based formula that allows a stronger scent throw and a better performance. We have ours placed by our front door so that our home instantly smells summery and sweet. Available from

scented candle

Africology Candles

Africology products are natural and cruelty-free. The brand can be found in some of the most luxurious spas in the world, and they have a wide range of fragrances. If you are looking for a scented candle for the bathroom then this one is perfect. With a unique scent and wonderful spa-like qualities you’ll be completely pampered as you scent your home this summer. Africology is available online:

prices candles

Price’s Candles and Reed Diffusers

Price’s Candles are some of the most renowned in the world. They have an incredibly varied scent selection and I’ve found some perfect summer scents that will brighten up your home, leaving it beautifully scented. The feminine pink tones of the Cherry Blossom candle above are perfect for creating a fresh and floral atmosphere on a summer’s day. This one smells wonderful in our living room and even when it’s un-lit the scent travels around the house.

prices candles

The Price’s large signature jar candles are elegant and modern. If you love to display your candles then these are the perfect home accessories. The silver lid and sophisticated, minimalist packaging are so on-trend right now, making them the ideal way to stylishly scent your home. The coconut and lemongrass scent is tropical, warm and reminiscent of long summer beach days in the sunshine.

frangipani reed diffuser

Price’s also have a great selection of reed diffusers. Our summer scent of choice has to be Frangipani. This is also the scent of the month on the Price’s website where they are offering 20% off Frangipani for the month of August. They then feature a new fragrance in September, also with 20% off. So keep your eyes peeled! Find out more and purchase here:

I hope that you have found some inspiration for stylish ways to scent your home this summer? Head over to my Instagram @lifestylelinked for some more images and info!

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scent your home

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