Are There Ways to Gamble Responsibly Online? If so, How?

Even if gambling is a part of the entertainment industry, there is a risk that should be taken seriously, namely gambling addiction. Gambling should be an entertaining pleasure with the thrill of winning a sum of money, not something harmful that is difficult to stop.

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Distinguishing between entertainment and addiction can, however, be difficult for some individuals. Not the least for those with a history of addiction. Gambling is not something we advocate as such, but we do believe it to be an enjoyable source of entertainment if done correctly.

Here are thus some valuable tips on how you can go about gambling responsibly.

Ensure that these warning signs do not apply to you

Statistics indicate that about 0.5% of the UK population reaches the threshold to be considered problem gamblers. But also that 3.8% of the population are classified as at-risk gamblers. This may be considered a small figure, but an important one for those affected. Some common warning signs of gambling addiction are:

  • You gamble with borrowed money.
  • You spend more time gambling than you want to.
  • You feel unwell or experience anxiety related to gambling.
  • You are constantly raising the stakes to maintain the feeling of excitement.
  • You try to win back lost money.

Only gamble on legitimate and secure websites

To gamble more responsibly, it is also important to be on the safe side once you are gambling online. Unfortunately, the internet is full of scammers and these are important to avoid being able to enjoy your favourite games.

A safe website is licensed by a reputable jurisdiction such as the UK Gambling Commission.

In addition, a secure online gambling site uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) digital encryption through which all transactions are carried out securely. Gamblers must also ensure that the operator does not share their customer’s sensitive data with any third party.

To ensure fair play, gamblers should also check whether the website’s games are created by reputable game software providers. Yggdrasil is one such provider. They deliver casino games of the highest quality that guarantee fair play. You can read more about the operator and see what online casino games Yggdrasil has to offer here:

Seek help if needed

If you have developed a gambling addiction, you should seek help as soon as possible. There are various helplines in the UK that offer help through phone and chat and you can remain anonymous if you wish.

You can also turn to the health service for help. And if you need help outside office hours, you can always call an emergency psychiatric clinic.

If you do not wish to seek professional help, which is recommended, you can confide in a friend. It may feel better to just be able to talk to someone you know about the problem. Maybe you can work on it together, and take up a new hobby that will enrich your life and take your mind off gambling? Sometimes a friend or family member is all you need.

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