The Disney Tsum Tsum Craze Just Got Bigger

Disney Tsum Tsum

Giant Disney Tsum Tsum characters in the shape of “TSUM TSUMS” (#DisneyTsumTsum), the latest collectible toy craze to hit the UK from Japan, journeyed through London against a skyline of iconic landmarks including Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral and the London Eye on their way to their final destination, the Disney Store on Oxford Street.

The largest TSUM TSUMs ever to be seen in the UK, captured the attention of passersby who were delighted to see their favourite Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, Donald Duck, Snow White, Elsa and Olaf, make their way through London.


The collectible TSUM TSUM’S have been an instant hit with the British public and are fast becoming the next must have. A remarkable number have already sold at Disney Store in the UK since their launch, with enough to:

· Stack 670 times higher than Trafalgar Square’s Nelson’s Column*

· Stack 540 times higher than Tower Bridge*

· Stack 365 times higher than Big Ben*

· Stack 260 times higher than the London Eye*

Tsum Tsum UK

Disney TSUM TSUM (meaning “stack, stack”) was originally developed in Japan as a social smartphone game and has already experienced tremendous success with over 40 million global downloads. Followed by a collection of soft toys, they are designed to be stacked big and high, and are available in small, medium and large sizes.

With over 34 Disney TSUM TSUMs available, they are generating enormous excitement amongst Disney fans by letting them build a collection of their most adored characters.


In honour of Disney TSUM TSUM, the first Tuesday of each month has been renamed ‘TSUM TSUM Tuesday’ at Disney Store and sees additional new characters released, with the Inside Out collection being the most recent to join this June.

Disney TSUM TSUMS are available at both Disney Stores and Clintons across the UK. The Disney TSUM TSUM app can be found here.

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