6 Things You Should Look at When Searching for a Good Ophthalmologist

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There are over 1269 ophthalmologists in the UK and finding a good one can be a challenge. Choosing the right ophthalmologist is very important as undetected eye issues can deteriorate very fast and have disastrous consequences.

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A good ophthalmologist will be able to find and correct issues. Good ophthalmologists will also go above and beyond to recommend the best procedures for you and perform them correctly. Here are some of the things you should be looking at when searching for an ophthalmologist.


One of the most important things when looking at an ophthalmologist is their location. You want to be able to see your doctor without having to drive from one side of the town to the other. It would also be a good thing to have an ophthalmologist who has a clinic close to where you work so you can squeeze appointments between work and family obligations.

Here, your best choice would be to go with a major clinic that has many locations around the country like the Circle Health Group. They can connect you with a private ophthalmologist who will look over your condition and help you deal with any issue you may have. You’ll be able to see them whenever you need to and visit any of the clinics for follow-ups. Appointments can even be booked online.

Rapport and Communication Style

This is essential for anyone, but especially if you’re looking for an ophthalmologist for a child. There must be a good rapport between you and the ophthalmologist. If they seem irritated in any way or downright unhappy to see you or your child, then you should see someone else. Some clinics are not geared towards children at all, and you should never force yourself onto one of those or you’ll run the risk of getting subpar service.

You should also ask the ophthalmologist questions about any condition you may think you have if you’re seeing them for acute symptoms. If you can understand everything they say to you and you actually feel more informed and less anxious at the end of your consultation, then this is a good sign. They should not brush off every question and make it seem like nothing is serious, however. And, if they speak in jargon and seem unwilling or unable to answer your questions, you might need to look for someone else.


You cannot make an appointment to see an ophthalmologist without checking their credentials first. They should be registered with the General Medical Council and qualified as a medical doctor, be a Royal Ophthalmologist College member, and follow the required specialist ophthalmologic training needed.

If you’re seeing a doctor for a specific issue or because you want a specific procedure done, make sure that the doctor has expertise in performing that kind of procedure or dealing with that sort of issue. They should also have a verifiable track record to back their claims up.

Scout the Clinic

It would also be a good idea to pay the clinic an incognito visit to get a general sense of the ambiance there. This will also tell you if this is a family-friendly or oriented clinic.

When coming in, look at how you’re being greeted and treated. If you’re with a child, see if people treat them as aliens or if they’re accommodating to them. Look at the attitude of the reception staff and other workers in the area. If everyone seems happy and greets you, then this is a sign of a clinic people are happy working with, which is always good.

Telehealth Capabilities

You should also check what kind of services the ophthalmologist offers. Some of them will offer telehealth services, for instance. This could be very useful if you have limited mobility or simply don’t feel like going to their office. Some eye clinics even offer mobile services, so see if they offer this if you feel like you can benefit from it. You should also consider the possibility of future health restrictions.

Patient Reviews

Patient reviews should be one of the first things you look at when searching for an ophthalmologist. Patient reviews will give you information on things like wait times, how good the customer service was, reception staff friendliness, among others. You’ll be able to tell more about the doctor’s personality as well. You might find out that a doctor likes to rush appointments, for instance, or that one was particularly attentive. This will help you make a better decision and find an ophthalmologist with whom you’ll get along and feel comfortable.

These are only some of the things that you should consider when choosing an ophthalmologist. The most important part is taking your time and interviewing as many professionals as you can until you find someone who fits.

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