What are the Best Home Renovations this Winter

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Typically, the summer is considered to be the best time to carry out home improvements, but much depends on the state of the market and the wider economic climate.

For example, while the average house price in the UK peaked at £296,433 in October 2022, a technical recession is expected to drag valuations down by around 8% through 2023.

So, this winter may be the ideal time to sell your home and optimise its resale value, while it can offer an excellent opportunity to invest in lower cost modifications if you intend to remain in the property. Here’s a list of the best winter renovations.

#1. Make Energy Efficient Upgrades

Regardless of whether you’re looking to sell or remain in your home, investing in energy efficient upgrades is an excellent idea this winter.

Installing upgraded plumbing and heating equipment can translate into lower energy bills and living costs, for example, making your home more appealing and automatically higher in value.

Similarly, we’d recommend insulating your home and pipework, while completing a loft installation that can help to retain heat during the winter months. This will keep you cosy during the cold weather season and make the home more alluring to potential buyers.

#2. Take Care of the Bathroom

The bathroom is space is all too easy to overlook when modifying your home, especially given its largely functional nature.

However, bathroom modifications can cost approximately £4,900 on average, while delivering a profit of £2,350 and an expected ROI of around 48%. This makes it a sensible and rewarding home improvement, and one that clearly adds some value to the property.

It’s also worth transforming your bathroom into a warm, comfortable and well-lit space, which is both inviting and laid out in the most practical way possible.

You can also install creative and subtle lighting to compensate for the darker winter months, while also applying lighter paints and colour schemes to establish a much brighter natural space.

#3. Consider Simple Steps Like Painting and Laying New Carpets

On the subject of painting, giving your home’s interior a fresh coat or two will immediately refresh its appearance. This is ideal when preparing to sell the property, as it can help to disguise scuffed or marked walls and present the house in its best possible light.

What’s more, you can consider repainting the walls in a winter appropriate colour, such as eggplant purple, mustard yellow and pumpkin orange.

On a similar note, you could also invest in new carpets throughout the home, especially if you’re planning to sell the property and optimise it resale value in the eyes of potential buyers.

While this is a purely aesthetic move, it can help to make a positive first impression on buyers and drive much more serious levels of demand over time.


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