In The Spotlight: Sonos PLAY: 1 Tone Review

Sonos play

We love gadgets, music and stylish accessories for the home, so when we were invited to try out the new Sonos PLAY: 1 Tone, we just couldn’t resist! From the moment you first see the (limited edition) SONOS PLAY:1 Tone you realise it’s what isn’t there that makes it stand out. The understated design speaks volumes, and its compact size blends gracefully with any room in your home.

Luxury Packaging

Immediately upon opening the packaging of this beautiful wireless speaker, you’re in for a treat.  You can tell that plenty of thought, effort and style has gone into every aspect of the design.

Sonos Review Packaging

“We want our products to reframe how people think about technology in the home. Part of how we do that is by focusing on simple things with innate power. This was our focus on PLAY: 1 Tone. It’s a meditation on essentials.”

Tad Toulis, Sonos Play VP of Design

The minimalistic tone-on-tone styling, presented in absolute black or pristine white, has a soft matte finish that looks as elegant as it feels. This same soft touch treatment flows all the way to the packaging, making your entire PLAY: 1 Tone experience beautifully simple, from the moment you open the box and set it up, to the time you spend with it listening out loud.


And just like every Sonos PLAY :1, its two custom-designed drivers with dedicated amplifiers fill the room with powerful, crystal clear sound. Listen to your favourite music from over 60 streaming services, controlled anywhere in the home from your smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac.

The limited edition PLAY: 1 Tone is sold exclusively on for £220. Does this look like something that you would purchase at all? Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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