The Ultimate Côte d’Azur Driving Holiday Route

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Ah, the Côte d’Azur. Just its name evokes images of blue skies, coastlines and – of course – beauty. If you yearn to visit it, who could really blame you? And what better way to do this than in your car? After all, you’ll be able to enjoy the trip in your own trusted motor.

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Once you’re all packed and have secured reliable car insurance, all that’s left to do is plan your vacation. So, just what is the best route for a road trip along the French riviera? To find out, follow our five-step itinerary.

1. Nice – Nice offers an array of delights for visitors – and that’s why it can be a good place to begin a Riviera road trip. You’ll likely have heard of the Promenade des Anglais already. Situated next to the beach, it offers a panoramic view of the coast. It’s also steeped in history, as it was largely frequented by English aristocrats during the eighteenth century. For a taste of Corsica, why not visit its port? As the point of the hexagon nearest to the island, its general vibe is, unsurprisingly, rather Corsican.  Set off from here, and you can start to feel the Côte d’Azur as soon as you embark on your adventure.

2. Cannes – You’ll no doubt know about Cannes and its famous film festival. There’s more to the city than glamour, though. Beyond its luxury boutiques, it boasts white-sand beaches and green hilltops. Here, nature doesn’t just align with an urban setting – it thrives alongside it. And no, we’re not talking about skyscrapers. Its architecture follows a traditional city aesthetic, the kind that the Mediterranean is globally famed for. Upon arrival, you’ll come to realise that this part of the world offers far more than just coastlines and sunshine.

3. Monaco – Hit the mid-point of any project – however exciting it is – and you may long for a short rest. And this is especially true of holidays. Luckily, Monaco could deliver just that.
Though small in size (less than square kilometres), it provides plenty of scope for relaxation. Picnic on its rocky promontory to fully unwind, or simply roam through its winding streets and soak up its culture.  Fancy restaurants with beach views are in abundance here – so, you’re bound to find an eatery that suits all preferences within your travelling group. However you spend your visit, why not take advantage of Monaco’s truly laid-back vibes?

4. Menton – Glamorous spots can be fun – but you may also want to visit some more down-to-earth places during your road trip. Well, look no further than Menton.
A town of colourful houses and vibrant cafés, it’s an idyll of Southern French life. Its old port adds even more magic to the area. To experience the rarer side of nature, explore its route of gardens, most of which house exotic plants and flowers. Incidentally, they could supply some much-needed shade in the height of a Riviera summer, too. For your penultimate stop, head to this grounded gem of the Côte d’Azur.

5. Grasse – You’ll probably want your final stop to be special. It will have been, at the end of the day, a wholly memorable trip. Why shouldn’t you end it on an absolute high?
To do so, how about settling just north of Cannes in Grasse. Tucked away in the hills, it remains relatively untouched by tourists – and so, you can enjoy an authentic taste of the Riviera here.

What’s more, it presents spectacular views of both Cannes and nearby resort town Antibes.  Just imagine spending the last day of your road trip sat atop one of its hills, looking down at the Côte d’Azur. Let’s be honest, is there really any better way to conclude a vacation in the Riviera? Southern France is the destination for many people’s dream holidays. Travel through this area in the comfort of your own car, and you could enjoy this unique area to the full.

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