Top 5 Cocktails to Prepare at Home This Summer

champagne and cider cocktail

When summer arrives, refreshing drinks are certainly needed! After all, last year saw the reported ‘drink of the summer’ be hotly contested, and everyone has a different idea of what the perfect summer drink entails. For some it’s a glass of orange squash, while others prefer to breakout the booze – all valid options!

But what if you fancy getting a little bit more creative this year? Well, with a bevy of cocktails at your disposal, you can absolutely scratch that itch! Get your glasses from Nisbets and snag yourself some shakers too – here’re the top 5 cocktails to prepare at home this summer!

Mumbai Mule
Cocktails are seldom thought of as spicy – that is until the Mumbai Mule came barrelling into people’s lives. There’s aroma of limes, mints and red chilli all mixed in together here, with cinnamon sticks, coriander seeds and fresh ginger being thrown into the ingredient mix too. It’s an impossible dichotomy of flavours that somehow find a way to work in tandem, so if you’re keen for an experimental summer with your drinking, start here.

Genever Sazerac
Few places have their own ‘official cocktail’ but New Orleans definitely does; the Genever Sazerac. Made with 60ml of oude genever and 8ml of Simple Syrup with a tangy lemon twist, this barley-based is simple yet thoroughly botanical. It also requires two bitters; Angostura and Peychaud’s bitters, with one dash of the former and three of the latter. With the addition of the ice, soon after you have the makings of a truly delicious cocktail!

Summer Cup
An apt title for a list such as this, the Summer Cup is the mainstay cocktail of the garden party, when the sun is out, and spirits are high. Cucumber slices, lemon slices, and lemon verbena sprigs and raspberries all garnish the drink into one truly refreshing package. It will serve a whopping twelve people, so definitely whip this one up if you’re keen for a summer crowd pleaser.

The Puritan
A drink originating way back in 1900, chartreuse and orange bitters take centre stage here. The vermouth and gin also have a prominent presence too, not to mention an orange twist to finish off the garnishing. Some say this drink was inspired by the Martini, but it’s faded into obscurity in recent times. Break out the recipe and rediscover this hidden gem – you won’t regret it!

Sloe Gin Fizz
There’re many varieties of this cocktail that the drinker can enjoy; Silver Fizzes, Royal Fizzes and the more notable Ramos Gin Fizz to name a few. It’s the pinnacle of summer cocktails, featuring freshly squeezed lemon juice, Simple Syrup once again, and can even be topped up with something as simple as soda water. Once you’ve shaken all the ingredients together, a lemon wedge or a mint sprig can be added to garnish.

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