Bosch Fontus Cordless Pressure Cleaner Review

spring cleaning

We moved home around October last year, relocating from a small property with zero garden to a much larger one with quite a bit of external space, space that I knew I would have to maintain and clean. I have had a high-pressure washer before so knew what sort of features I want/need, so started looking around.

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Luckily we were gifted a Bosch Fontus Cordless Pressure Cleaner around the same time, and it has more than exceeded my needs and also filled quite a few requirements I never knew that I had.

spring cleaning
Unlike most high-pressure washers available, the Bosch Fontus is truly portable featuring a rechargeable 18V battery that only takes 60 minutes to reach a full charge, capable of lasting upto an hour. Similarly the Fontus features a 15 litre on board water tank meaning you are no longer attached to a hose pipe as you only need to have the initial fill up/charge to get you underway. I initially started using the Fontus like any other pressure washer, with my first port of call being the car. Unluckily for me we live near the coast so we have a large quantity of baby sea birds quite literally blanketing my car with their droppings. I am happy to report that the Fontus dealt with these with ease, cleaning the vehicle to a great standard, also cleaning the driveway afterwards, but where the Fontus excels is in all the places you can utilise it where your normal high-pressure washer cannot.

The front of my house is on a main road in a terrace location and I have no tap out there, so the only way of cleaning the front of our property until now was a bucket of water, or dragging a hose right through our freshly decorated home. The Fontus comes with wheels and a handle and can best be described as similar to a wheeled suitcase, allowing me to pull it through the house fully loaded with water, hiding the onboard pipe, multi function spray gun and brush in the handy storage compartment. Within minutes I was set up and cleaning the facias, path and front door leaving our home looking clean and ready for summer.

spring cleaning

The bathroom is another area we utilised the Fontus. We have one of those large enclosed showers that surrounds you in glass, but what they don’t tell you is just how much of a pain the are to clean, well not anymore!. The Fontus cleans all those little gaps you cannot get to without dismantling the doors and makes short work of the shower head, shower trap and many other areas. For me this is a true winner as I often don’t have the time to give the shower a truly deep clean, and this has enabled me to make short work of a job I loathe.

Bosch Fontus

Another fantastic use for the Fontus is on day trips. As I said we live in Somerset close to the sea, and that gives us great access to many beaches and country walks, but one issue is always when you return to your vehicle covered in mud or sand, and don’t want to cover the interior of the car with it. Up steps the Fontus to the rescue providing a handy shower setting allowing you to quickly clean shoes/wellies/dogs and it’s even gentle enough to be able to clean the kids sticky hands. All you need to do is fill and charge the Fontus as normal, and pop it in your boot, don’t worry the device is completely watertight so no nasty surprises when you get back to the car and it offers a great cleaning option on the go.

These are just a few things we have done so far with the Bosch Fontus, and I am sure we will come up with many more over the coming months/years. Anywhere that you need a cleaning solution that lacks a powerpoint or direct water supply the Fontus fills that gap, and fills it well. Overall the Bosch Fontus is a fantastic bit of kit and I wish I would have gotten one sooner. To find out more and to buy click here

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